Diapered at the prom

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Diapered at the prom

Carole accepted her drink from Terri and leaned back in the patio chair. The spring sun was warm and she let it soak into her skin for a few minutes before raising the topic that had been bothering her all week.

"Tomorrow night is the prom." she said flatly. "And I'm worried about Laura."

Terri curled her legs up underneath her and giggled, "With good reason! As I recall you almost got pregnant at ours and judging by Laura's little display two weeks ago, she's boy-crazy too."

"Little display? I caught her with her pants down, literally, with a boy. I don't think grounding her did much good. Have you seen her dress? The neckline plunges so deep I wonder why she doesn't fall out of it."

Terri's smile dimmed a little. "Julie has been more secretive but it wouldn't surprise me to learn her pants are just as hot."

There was a few seconds of silence while the two mothers struggled with the most agonizing subject of all - protecting their daughters.

"It was easier when they were still in diapers," Carole mused "they needed us, depended on us..."

"And obeyed us!" Terri finished. Each woman sipped her drink for a moment. Terri noticed her friend was deep in thought. Suddenly she saw a smile break across Carole's face. Guessing her friend's conclusion she laughed and said, "Oh come on! You can't be serious!"

"About sending them to the Prom in diapers. Don't laugh yet." She leaned forward and set her drink down, "Lots of adults are incontinent. We see the ads on TV all the time. Think about it. If the girls were in diapers they sure wouldn't want anyone to find out."

Terri cut in, "Right. That means no groping or petting. Sex is out of the question."

Carole continued, "And since they'll have no choice but to use the diapers for wetting I don't think they'll be out all night."

"Wait a minute. What's to prevent them from taking the diapers off as soon as they get to the dance?"

Carole scrunched her face up. "That's a problem. We could sew them on but they could re-sew them or just bring the diapers home in a bag and risk the consequences."

Terri jumped in, "No, it's not a problem. Think about the anti-shoplifting devices they put on the clothes in department stores. It has a pin that is locked. You need a special magnetic device to release it. If we used those as diaper pins the girls would be locked in their diapers until we decided otherwise."

"I like the sound of that," Carole said, "but where are we going to get them?"

Terri relaxed back in her chair, gloating with victory, "From a friend of mine who works for Sears and owes me a favour."

With that problem out of the way the two women spent the next hour planning for the supplies they would need. Then they went shopping and visited a medical supply store, a drug store and a yard goods store. The sewing machine hummed for less than an hour and by the time Carole went home to prepare dinner there was a stack of over-size flannel diapers and all the supplies they would need to carry out their plan.

The next morning, in their respective houses, Carole and Terri performed the same tasks. Each convinced her daughter that it would be best if both girls got dressed at Julie's house. Each made sure the dress her daughter was to wear to the prom had a skirt that was full enough to support a crinoline. And each visited a lingerie store to replace at least part of what her daughter had planned to wear that evening. By the time the girls were walking home from school their mothers' preparations were complete.

"I can't believe it!" Laura exclaimed to Julie, "All week I've been in the dog house and suddenly Mother is all sweetness and light about the prom."

"Yeah," Julie said, "my Mom's been acting strange too. No hassles about how late I can stay out or whether there will be drinking - nothing. It almost makes me suspicious."

"I guess they're just re-living their prom. Mom says it was a pretty wild time."

"Getting dressed together will be fun. Are you planning any nice little surprises for Gregg?"

Laura blushed, "Uh huh. I've got a pair of see through panties that should make him explode."

"Not too early though..." Julie teased and both girls laughed. She continued, "See-through panties huh? What's the point of that if you're wearing pantyhose?" Then she saw the sly smile and slight blush on her friend's cheeks.

"Who said anything about pantyhose." Laura said in a half whisper.

Julie stopped walking and turned to face her friend. "Stockings? You're going to wear stockings and a garter belt, the whole thing?"

Laura shook her head and resumed their casual pace, "No garter belt, just a pair of stay ups. Far more practical."

Julie giggled, "Practical for what? Are you going to let him go all the way?"

Laura closed her eyes for a moment and tried to appear cool and collected by her complexion showed her agitation, "I just might. How about you?"

Now it was Julie's turn to look pensive. "I've been thinking about it."



Terri closed the lid on the tool box and wiped her hands. "That's the bathroom door taken care of."

Carole looked on in admiration, "Neat idea. Reverse the lock and whoever goes in there can be locked in there until we're ready. Are you expecting them to resist us much?"

Terri shot her an are-you-kidding look. "What would you do if your mother wanted to force you to wear diapers to the Prom?"

The question didn't get answered and Carole didn't ask any more questions when she saw her friend take a pair of handcuffs out of the dresser and tie them to the head board with a short piece of rope. It was the last act in a tableau of plans and preparations that called for the girls to get dressed in Terri's bedroom, using the large dresser and mirror as an excuse. The supplies needed for the exercise were safely out of sight and Terri made a point of concealing the handcuffs under the bed spread before they left the room.

The girls arrived home from school and the mothers set their plan in motion. After sharing a small snack with them Terri suggested that Laura might want to lay out her make-up and take a shower in the guest bathroom while Julie started dressing in the bedroom.

To the girls' surprise their mothers followed them upstairs. Laura disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. Her mother, coming along behind her, twisted the knob on the bathroom door as she passed, confining the girl to the small room until she and Terri had taken care of Julie.

In the master bedroom Julie was trying to convince her mother that she didn't need any help in getting dressed.

"Oh, of course not, dear," Terri said with an indulge-me-please smile, "but it will be fun for Carole and me. Humour us, dear. We wish we could go with you."

Julie was nervous. Both mothers were being really nice but she wasn't sure how they would handle the naughty underwear she planned. Then she realized she could always change in the bathroom at the prom. Relaxed, she obediently trotted off to the en-suite bathroom to take her shower.

Ten minutes later she emerged nude. Both women were still in the room and for some reason she felt nervous. She told herself to relax. As soon as she and Laura were out of the house the fun would begin. She congratulated herself on putting her contraceptives in her evening bag that morning.

She looked around for her underwear and hosiery but only her dress and crinoline were spread out on the double bed. Her mother was standing beside her dresser wearing a strange expression and Laura's mom was leaning against the closed bedroom door, as if to prevent anyone from leaving. Alarm bells rang in Julie's mind but she didn't yet know why. "Where's my underwear, mom? I thought you said you had everything laid out and ready."

"We do, dear. Believe me, we do. Sit on the bed for a moment, there's something we need to talk about."

Julie did as she was told but now she was deeply suspicious. Something was up. She was already sure the nice treatment had been a front - but for what? Suddenly conscious of her nudity she folded her arms over her breasts and crossed her legs.

Terri began to read the riot act. "You think you're pretty smart, don't you young lady. I know all about your plans for tonight. I found the contraceptives in your purse when I opened it to give you a little extra money for an emergency cab." Julie trembled and blushed, lowering her eyes to the floor.

"I guess that means no Prom." she muttered angrily.

"Oh no! You're going to the Prom. You only get one Prom and you are not going to miss yours. You will however be dressed a little differently than you planned."

Julie's head snapped up. "What do you mean?"

Terri made a show of opening a large drawer in the dresser and pulling out a stack of cloth and other things. Julie was confused at first then she recognized baby disposable diapers and a pair of semi-transparent plastic panties that were obviously big enough to fit her. Suddenly her face was on fire and her throat was full of dust. "Diapers?" she croaked. "You can't be serious."

Terri walked toward her, placed the pile of things at the foot of the bed and came right up to her daughter. She slowly and gently took her daughter's wrists in her hands and spoke softly. "I'm very serious," she said as she pushed gently, forcing Julie to roll sideways onto her back. Before Julie could say or do anything else she felt the cold steel of the handcuffs being snapped closed around her wrists. Panic stricken, she pulled against the tether and then glared at her mother with an expression of indignation and fear. "What, what are you doing?" The softness of her own voice surprised her, for it betrayed nothing of the wild emotions that were surging inside her.

Knowing that Julie now was helpless, Terri relaxed took a deep breath and began the second part of her campaign. "Here's your choice, daughter of mine, you can lie right where you are for the rest of the night and miss your Prom or you can allow us to put these nice soft diapers on you, help you get dressed and go have fun."

Julie's cheeks were crimson. "Diapers? But why diapers?"

Carole spoke up from her guard duty at the door. "Think about it, Julie. You won't want anyone to know what you are wearing under your nice full skirt. That means no groping, no petting and no sex."

Julie began to cry tears of frustration. Her plans to give her cherry to her boyfriend, the secret hotel room they had arranged, the stash of booze in the rented car - all of it was going to come to nothing. It was absurd, cruel, hateful and unbearable even to think about but she had already reached the conclusion that if she was going to be able to salvage anything of the evening she had only one choice. Just before she said anything she realized that all might not be lost. Remembering her plans for the naughty underwear she realized she could still get out of the diapers once away from the house. There would be hell to pay in the morning but, that was for later.

She cried and pouted while they watched her imagination struggle with the only choice they had given her. When she complained that the diapers would show they reminded her that she would be wearing a crinoline. When she complained that it was cruel and unfair they told her she could spend the night where she was. Finally she gulped and sobbed out her agreement, only nodding, not trusting her voice to utter the name of such a shameful garment.

Terri wore a grim look of satisfaction. "I thought you would see it my way," she said as she began to spread out a large flannel diaper. Julie watched with horrified fascination as her mother took another large piece of flannel, folded it into thirds and laid it in the centre of the first diaper. Next two toddler sized disposable diapers, already taped end-to-end were added to the pile. It seemed to be an enormous amount of material to make someone wear.

"Raise your bottom while I get this into position" Terri ordered and Julie complied, still fighting her tears, only now she felt more anger than fear. `Go ahead, you bitch!' she thought, `the minute I get to a bathroom this shit is coming off!'. She was already planning her escape and knew that for now at least it would be better to let her mother think she had caved in.

As soon as she lowered her tender behind onto the pile of diapers Julie began to feel aroused for some strange reason. They were so soft and as her mother pulled each layer of diapers up between her legs there was a strange pleasure in feeling her thighs forced apart by the bulk. `But not half as good as Gregg is going to make me feel later on', she counselled herself.

Remembering the thousands of other diapers she had fitted to this same youthful body, Terri twisted the outer diaper to concentrate its material between the legs before pulling it into position. Carole left her post at the door and accepted one of the locking devices from her friend before getting onto the bed next to Julie and getting ready to fasten the right hand side of her diaper.

"Tight as you can, now." Terri said as the women each pulled on their respective halves of the diaper and then inserted the pin of the anti-shoplifting appliance. There were two loud clicks and both women stepped away.

Confused, Julie stared down at the strange things that secured the bulging flannel that was now compressing her tummy even as it forced her thighs apart. "What are those things?" she demanded.

Terri made a show of fluffing out the pair of plastic panties Julie would wear. "The manufacturer calls them `No-Go's' she said quietly. Usually they are locked onto clothing to prevent shoplifting but tonight they're acting as diaper pins.

"Locked?" Julie gasped even as the terrible meaning of the word ricocheted around her confused mind.

"Locked." Carole intoned. "There's no point in sending you to the Prom in diapers if you could remove them as soon as you got to the first ladies' room. Your diapers will stay in place until you come home. Only your mother and I have the special devices needed to release them."

"But, but..." Julie was about to ask how she would relieve herself but before she could utter the words she had reached the truth by herself. She gulped hard and whispered the awful new reality, "So I have to use the diaper?"

The mothers nodded in unison and Julie started to cry. Terri fitted the plastic panty over her daughter's ankles and worked them up the girl's legs, ignoring her wailing and complaining until it was time to pass the panty over the thick diapers. Then she ordered the girl to be quiet and cooperate, which she did, surprisingly.

Terri released the handcuffs and ordered her daughter to stand. Impatient with the girl's continued pouting she decided to snap her out of it. "Get a grip on yourself. You are still going to the Prom and its unlikely anyone but Laura will know what's under your skirt. Give us a smile or plan on staying home and in diapers."

Julie shut up but became sullen. She said nothing as the two mothers proceeded to finish dressing her. She found herself obsessed with the sensations of bulk created by the diaper. It seemed as if her legs were miles apart and she wondered how she would ever keep her shame a secret. She tentatively ran her hand over the taunt plastic of the panty. It felt strange and she could sense how the plastic was trapping her body heat, creating a warm, soft, caressing world around her waist. When she first saw the garter belt being passed around her waist she wanted to comment but she couldn't tear her mind's attention away from its sensory exploration of her diaper. No matter what they did to her or what she tried to think about instead, the diaper nagged at her conscious, never letting her forget its presence.

She lifted one foot and then the other to allow them to fit the sheer stockings. She could tell they were expensive and it was strangely fun to be dressed so tenderly - but the diaper still nagged. When they had finished attaching the stockings to the garters and were satisfied with the tension they stepped away. Julie ran her hands over the straining lace and elastic, sensing the smooth panty underneath. She thought it ironic that her mother had just dressed her in the same underwear she had feared to show her. "Garter belt." she said flatly, the words escaping her lips almost of their own volition.

"We figured the pantyhose would slide on your plastic panties," Terri said as she passed her daughter a dressing gown, "Put this on and see to your make-up in the bathroom until we call you. Don't you dare make a sound until then."

Still obsessed by the heat and bulk between her thighs, the strange pull of the garter belt and the general shock of what had happened in only a few minutes, Julie stumbled toward the bathroom, closed the door and sat down on the closed toilet.

She almost jumped up again. The thick padding around her bottom made her think, at first, that she was sitting on a folded towel but she knew it was just the diaper. Her robe had fallen open when she sat and as she stared at the straining garters she began to feel a wave of disappointment wash over her. `Locked'. The word rang in her mind, a mind still trying to accommodate the reality of it. She flexed her legs, testing the bulk between them. It was impossibly thick - and tight, almost as if her mother was standing behind her, holding the diaper in place. She was a prisoner and like all prisoners she felt sorry for herself. She was committed now. Images of the Prom danced in front of her like a mirage but the tight diaper with its incessant pressure on her bladder troubled her deeply.

After a few minutes she stood up, slipped off the robe and studied herself in the mirror. Just to be sure, she peeled down one side of her plastic panty and examined the device that locked her diaper in place. It didn't yield to her probing and she just sighed before replacing the panty and turning opening the make-up bag.

Laura didn't notice that she was locked in until she had showered, dried her hair, replaced her bra and panties and put on her make-up. Like Julie she too was suspicious but couldn't put a finger on it. At first she thought the door was just stuck or that the lock had seized but after a few pulls and frantic twisting at the knob she realized the lock had been reversed. She began to pound on the door and cry out for help.

A long few minutes later her mother let her out. "That lock is in the wrong way!" she complained as they went to the master bedroom where she could see Terri was waiting.

As soon as they entered the room her Julie's mother closed the door and stood next to it. Laura was troubled by that but still didn't know what was wrong. Carole began to repeat what had been said to Julie and Laura felt her world coming apart.

Carole didn't need the handcuffs. Without mentioning diapers her words soon had Laura lying face-down on the bed in tears, convinced that she wasn't going to the Prom.

"Stop crying!" Carole ordered. "I didn't say you couldn't go."

Laura rolled over until she was lying on her side, facing her mother, her back to the door to the en-suite bathroom. "But you know all about our plans, all the things we were going to do!" she sobbed out in a confused voice.

"We've made some arrangements." Carole said as she motioned for Terri to admit Julie from the bathroom. While Laura turned to see what was happening Carole took a second stack of diapers from the dresser and placed them at the foot of the bed. Meanwhile Terri had opened the bathroom door and told Julie to join them.

She had replaced her robe and so when Laura first saw her she still didn't understand what her mother could possibly be talking about. Neither had she seen the stack of diapers and the plastic panty lying ready for her at the foot of the bed when her mother spoke again.

"It might be simpler if Julie took off her robe."

Julie, now made-up but still wearing a sullen face, let the robe slip off her shoulders. Laura first saw the garter belt and stockings and then focused on the strange garment that her friend wore.

The room was silent while Laura stared, her confused mind straining to believe what she was seeing. Here was Julie, the girl who planned to surrender her virginity in only a few hours, standing in front of her wearing a thick diaper and the largest pair of plastic panties she had ever seen.

`Arrangements', her mother had spoken of arrangements. Oh, no! It couldn't be true! She couldn't be serious!

It took less than a second for Laura's head to turn enough for her to see the smile on her mother's face as she patted the pile of diapers with the plastic panty on top but it was enough time for her mind to reach its own incredible conclusion.

Her eyes locked on the pile of cloth and plastic while her throat tightened and her pulse raced. She began to shake her head slowly, from side to side, as if this physical expression of her denial could make the awful truth go away. The room was silent but for the pounding of Laura's heart and the faint crackling sounds Julie made every time she moved even slightly.

Her mother spoke in a low, calm voice, "You have the same choice as Julie. Either spend the night right where you are or let us put you into diapers and go to the Prom."

Having heard the words only made Laura's anxiety get worse. There were bands of steel around her chest, her throat was filled with dust and her hands were shaking where they gripped the bed spread as if hanging on for dear life itself. She could not imagine the shame, the humiliation, how awful the thick garments would feel. What if someone found out?

She glanced at Julie, as if for reassurance, but the image of the young girl bound in baby clothes and lingerie, her breasts still free, almost symbolic of what might have been, what could have been, was more troubling than consoling. Their eyes met and in Julie's smoky grey, troubled expression she saw defeat - for both of them. Her friend nodded slowly, as if to say, `there is no choice, you have to go along with it'.

She looked at her mother and saw in her expression a grim determination to carry out her plan.

She wanted to cry, to run, to fling abuse at them for the horrible, unforgivable thing they wanted to do to her but she was frozen with the power they held over her. She struggled to keep control of her face, not wanting the sob to burst out and ruin her last shred of self-respect.

More seconds dragged by while she fought to regain control, to stifle the emotions that raged through her mind and body. Finally she found the strength to say the words they all wanted to hear, "OK. Then let's get on with it."

"Take off your panties and don't lie down again until I have the diapers ready for you." her mother said.

Laura slid off the bed and stood to one side while her mother began to spread out a large piece of white flannel. Her hands went to the waist of her bikini panties but froze there while her eyes drank in her mother's movements, the steady stacking of the diapers, layer upon layer. Finally she turned to her daughter. "The panties. Now."

All three of these women had seen her naked before. Two of them had even changed her diapers - when she had been in them as a baby. But that didn't make it any easier to remove her underpants, to expose her most private place so it could be bundled up in that pile of cloth and plastic that now waited for her on the bed. Her hands trembled and fumbled with the panty until her mother lost patience, reached over and pulled them down with a swift, almost brutal motion.

Her mother pointed to the diapers and Laura began to move slowly. Her limbs were like lead and she felt as if she were in a trance. Two steps and then sit down. Feel the papery softness of the Pampers. Swing her legs onto the bed and lie down. Feel the flannel. Lift the bottom so the diapers can be positioned. Lower it.

Her mother moved her thighs wider apart and then began to bring the various layers of diapers up between her legs. Laura watched as if it wasn't happening to her. It was too absurd, too unreal. Each layer of cloth or absorbent disposable diaper forced her legs a little farther apart but it still wasn't happening to her - it couldn't be. She felt the bulk and padding increase, a gradual descent into shame, dependency - a prison.

At the right moment Terri climbed onto the bed next to her and took charge of fastening the right hand side of the outer cloth diaper. As soon as Laura saw the anti-shoplifting devices being used as diaper pins she heard herself take a sharp breath. She hadn't thought of escape or evasion. Her mind had not yet tried to find a way out of her predicament but the sight of the locking pins brought all that to a crashing conclusion.

She sucked in her tummy, as commanded to, and felt a new rush of fear when she realized how much the mothers had planned. As her diaper was tightened and then fastened, she began to think of herself as a prisoner - one who wore her punishment while confined in it.

The plastic panty was insult to injury. Her mother ordered Laura to her feet, handed her the plastic shell and told her to put it on. But, like Julie, her first few moments while standing were far too distracted to perform such a simple task. When she stood up the thick padding between her thighs forced her legs apart and demanded her attention. Her breath came in short gasps while she tried to get used to the strange sensations from so intimate a place. Her cheeks burned and her hands trembled while her consciousness fought the strange garment.

Finally her mother lost patience and she grabbed the panty, squatted down and held it open at Laura's feet for her to step into. As she took her weight on one foot she instinctively placed her hands on her mother's shoulders and was suddenly reminded of the many times she had performed that simple act, made that simple contact of trust, reassurance, while being dressed as a child.

Was she a child again? She felt like one. Once again she was made to wear garments she hated because her mother demanded it. Once again her mother had dressed her, as if she was too helpless to see to her own needs. She felt her mother's power reassert itself, banishing the teenage independence, reducing her to obedience. The grip of the diaper was like a lock on her mind, reminding her of her position. The courage that had let her speak so bravely when agreeing to wear the diapers had been replaced by the child's deference and respect to the parent. The constant irritation from her loins reminded her of that.

Both mothers helped to fit the garter belt and stockings. Laura thought of offering to do it herself but she couldn't summon the words. The women were in control and Laura was in awe of it.

Carole took Laura's dress from the closet and laid it out on the bed next to Julie's. Terri opened the door, in preparation for leaving. The atmosphere in the room changed. Normalcy seemed to return, as if the blinds had been raised and sunlight had been allowed to pierce a darkness. But the darkness remained for the two girls. It was trapped beneath the tight seal of their plastic panties and locked against their bodies by the tight diapers.

"You had better finish getting dressed, girls," Terri said in a voice so normal, so cheerful that it betrayed nothing of what had passed. "You have about half an hour before the guys arrive so don't dawdle." Then the mothers left, closing the door behind them as if respectful of their daughters' privacy.

Laura stood by the bed and looked at Julie who had not moved from place she had been since leaving the bath room. Each looked at the other, staring at the image of herself. Thousands of thoughts raced through their minds. Each of them felt her diaper again, as if for the first time. With the mothers, the perpetrators of this horror, absent it seemed as if it was happening all over again. The mothers had left but their appliances were still painfully present.

Julie's lower lip began to tremble as she fought to control her emotions. "I.. I can't." she sobbed.

Laura went to her, each step creating the chaffing between her thighs that would become her most vivid memory of the evening. "It's bad. I know." she consoled, "but if we're careful the guys will never find out."

Julie looked up at her, a trace of tears at the corners of her eyes. "They can't." she said quietly, "we can't let them."



In the living room the mothers sat down with coffee and tried to digest what had happened. Terri let her head roll back and did some neck exercises to try and relieve the tension. "I can't believe it." she muttered.

"That it happened?" Carole said in a low voice.

"That we got away with it."

There was a long period of silence. Each woman had her mind full. Then Carole spoke. "Any second thoughts?"

The tone of her voice suggested to Terri that Carole was losing confidence in their plan. By way of reply she got up, went to the bag of Laura's things that Carole had brought and searched through it until she found the girl's evening bag. She tossed it to her friend on the way back to her chair.

Carole looked up at her with a question on her lips but stayed silent and opened the small purse. She stopped suddenly, her expression changed and she slowly removed two condoms and a package of birth control pills. Terri was giving her an I-told-you-so look.

"Did you know these were here?" she asked her friend.

"No," Terri replied, "but since Julie had a stash it was a good bet."

Carole stared at the contraceptives as if she had never seen any before. Terri interrupted her thoughts. "You know what the pills mean, don't you?" Carole looked up. "It means she was planning to stay out all night."

"What about the rubbers?"

"To prevent sexually transmitted diseases."

Carole took a deep breath. "I didn't know she was sexually active."

Terri shook her head. "I doubt she was. But she would've been after tonight."

The two women looked at each other as the same thought occurred to each of them. Carole said it first. "We might be needing more diapers."



The girls had dressed in silence, each immersed in her own emotions and sensations. Merely standing while wearing such thick padding between the legs was enough to distract them but walking brought a symphony of fresh, strange physical sensations that robbed them of spontaneity and dragged their attention down to their groins.

Each was learning about her diaper. Her body heat, trapped by the plastic panty, began to build, creating a humid warmth that threatened to become a torment. The strange pull of the garters was another nagging reminder of her condition and, worse of all, the growing pressure from her bladder reminded her of an inevitable, shameful descent into a discomfort she would be helpless to relieve.

Only in the last few minutes before it was time to go out to the living room, confront their mothers and wait for their dates did either of them find the strength to converse.

"Gregg loves to fondle my bottom when we're dancing." Julie said quietly. "I don't know how I'm going to stop him."

"Same with Mark," Laura replied, "and he's all heated up about the hotel room. What am I going to tell him?"

They looked at each other. Their full dresses hid the diapers and they had already made sure that the rustle of their crinolines disguised the crackling sound of their plastic panties. Already their common punishment was binding them into a conspiracy to protect each other's secrets.

Laura put down her hair brush and picked up her perfume bottle, making sure it was not Mark's favourite. "Best bet is to tell them we're having our periods. That kills the hotel room idea and we can always complain of cramps or headaches to come home early."

Julie relaxed a little. "It also means they won't try to feel us up."

"They'll be disappointed." Laura said.

"Fine." Julie said flatly, "they're not the only ones."



They left the bedroom and spent a few minutes with their mothers, being congratulated on how pretty they looked and warned about not getting into any car with someone who had been drinking. It was all so normal, so routine. No mention was made of what they wore under their skirts or what they would have to do to accommodate their bathroom needs.

The boys arrived on time and were surprised not to get a lecture about curfews and proper behaviour. But as soon as they all got into the car Gregg sensed something was wrong.

Laura explained quickly and in a no-debate tone that she and Julie were having their time of the month and weren't feeling very well. She watched their faces fall as they realized their dream of a night of wild sex was now impossible. They didn't say much in reply but the tone of their chatter quietened noticeably.

The Prom was at a hotel downtown and for both girls it passed like a fuzzy dream. They met their friends from school, complimented each other on their dresses and make oblique references to the hanky panky that was planned for later but neither Laura nor Julie felt a part of it.

It was another world, one they had a window on, rather than be participants in. The real world, the one they could not drag their attention from, was sealed inside a plastic panty. Their diapers were now moist from perspiration. Wherever a wisp of plastic from the baby disposable diaper touched their skins an irritating itch developed that could not be relieved without a trip to the ladies room and a hoisting of skirts. Even then it wasn't always possible to work a finger beneath the taunt cloth and rearrange the absorbent padding.

There had been a hour of drinks before dinner and then the main meal began. The girls arranged to sit next to each other, breaking the boy-girl-boy pattern at the table but accepting no criticism about it. Just as the salad plates were being removed Laura tapped Julie on the thigh under the table and moved her eyes sharply toward the ladies room.

The rose in unison and made their excuses but both guys were already showing signs of too much booze and paid them little attention. Once in the corridor they took one look at the line up for the ladies room and realized they had a problem.

"We need some privacy!" Julie hissed a whisper full of anguish.

Laura looked around. There were small meeting rooms opposite the ballroom where the Prom was being held. She strolled across the wide corridor and tried one of their doors. It was locked but she moved down the row until she found one that was open and unoccupied. She motioned for Julie to follow her as she slipped inside.

As soon as the door closed Julie thrust her hand between her legs and clenched her thighs. Her expression was one of torment, more from the knowledge that she shortly would have to wet her diaper than from the pressure in her bladder. "This is awful!"

Laura had hoisted her skirt and was running her hands around the outside of her plastic panty. The journey was hindered by the straps of her garter belt. It was one last, futile attempt to see if there was any chance of pulling the crotch of the diaper aside so she could use a toilet. After a few seconds she gave up with an angry shrug.

Julie moaned suddenly and let her arms go limp. Laura heard a faint gurgling sound. Her friend leaned against the wall limply, defeat written across her pretty features. She stayed like that, her legs spread and body limp, for many seconds. Finally her expression changed to one of relief and then dissolved into a mask of misery.

"It's torture." she sighed. "I'm afraid to move."

Laura watched her friend for a few more seconds, not cheered by what she had seen. But her own need for release was reaching crisis levels and she needed to face her own trial. She wanted to turn and run, to leave it all behind her. But she was locked into the diaper. She couldn't get it off and even if she could she had no place to hide it.

Another painful spasm from her bladder and she reacted. Without planning to, she gripped the back of a chair and squatted, making sure none of her skirt was directly beneath her. This new position was all her bladder needed to force its own release and Laura gasped as the initial trickle turned into a torrent of hot pee that spread into the thick thirsty pads and marked its progress as it travelled throughout the diaper by leaving a trail of hot wetness that made the pads suddenly cling to her flesh.

When she stood up she realized her diaper was now very heavy and if it had been distracting before, the strange sensation of the warm wet padding would not release her attention, even for a moment.

Both girls paused to regain their wits. Then they hoisted their skirts and explored the leg openings of their plastic panties, fearful of leaks. Finding none they relaxed a little but both knew that the past few minutes had only been the opening act in drama that was to play until they returned home.

It was only a short walk back to the ballroom but it was enough to let each girl know that moving now meant a new sensation. The soaked diaper moved differently, caressing their most tender places. The horror of being wet and the nagging dampness was joined by an slight stimulation of their nether lips. As soon as she realized what was happening Laura looked at Julie and winked. When her friend returned the gesture they both blushed. Feeling anything sexual about their condition was a surprise.

As soon as she sat down Laura's little flirt with pleasure evaporated. Putting her weight on her wet padded bottom forced the pee to travel upward along her bottom, a most distracting sensation that she struggled to contain. A quick glance at Julie told her that she too was trying to conceal her condition. After a while the sensation stopped but now Laura was afraid to move in case she had leaked.

By the time the dessert had been cleared both guys were clearly drunk and the girls' needed another trip to their private room. Their diapers had been fastened snug enough to allow for the stretch factor in wet cotton but even after the material became soaked it hadn't allowed much slack.

On the short trip across the corridor Laura felt the pleasing tickle again but it wasn't enough to offset her anxiety about having to wet herself again. They slipped into the meeting room and locked the door. Without a word, Laura repeated her squatting position and let her water go. She watched her knuckles turn white with fear as she felt her diaper cope with the sudden rush of liquid. A thousand nightmares coursed through her imagination. What if she leaked? What if she leaked after sitting down. Her dress was too light to hide the wet patch. She hated having to wet herself and hating having to worry about the consequences but she was helpless. The diaper locks made sure she had no other choice. She cursed fate and her mother and prayed the diaper and plastic panty would keep her dignity intact.

After she had finished she stood up slowly. Julie was still looking anxious. "Is it better that way?" she asked, her voice betraying her desperate need to release her pee.

Laura nodded as she lifted her skirt and checked for leaks. She caressed her bottom through the plastic panty, feeling the warmth of her own urine. "Uses the seat a little more. Spreads it out."

She watched Julie go to a chair and repeat the movement. The girl gave a gasp of surprise when her own diaper began to fill. When she stood up there were two small dark wet spots on the carpet. Both girls stared at them with horror.

Julie groped under her skirt frantically. When she found the wet spot she paused, her expression vacant as she explored it with her fingers. "No more leaking." she gasped out gratefully.

Laura looked at her seriously, tormented by the new reality. "Don't sit down any more. You'll leak for sure and your dress is too light to hide a wet patch. We'll dance with the guys for a few minutes then go home."

Julie's face registered her acceptance and fear. She nodded. "I guess there's not much choice."

On the way back to the ballroom their diapers were heavier still and now so wet as to be a true punishment. Laura was almost grateful they had decided not to sit down again. She doubted she would remain dry if she did. She was beginning to wonder how she would handle the guys when she suddenly saw them on the dance floor with two other girls, both of whom were obviously as inebriated as the men.

It hurt twice as much to see their boyfriends coming on to the other girls, knowing that the diapers locked around their hips prevented them from even pretending to make a counter play. They watched in silence for a few seconds before Laura spoke softly. "It looks like the guys plan to make use of that hotel room after all." Just as she spoke the last words she saw Mark's hand cup his partner's bottom in a definite come-on. The girl wasn't giving him the slightest discouragement.

Before Julie could reply two guys asked them to dance. Laura planned to refuse but found herself on the dance floor before she got a chance.

Each girl eyed the other while they went through the contortions of fast dancing while wearing high heels and a thick, wet, heavy diaper. The motions made the soaked pads give up their clammy grip on some parts of Laura's loins and she actually started to enjoy herself, knowing that only Julie knew her secret.

The next dance was a slow one and although she was terrified, Laura let her partner pull her close. His hand moved to the small of her back and began a slow descent until she tensed up to let him know she wasn't interested in a grope. The hand stopped on the top of her crinoline and she was suddenly grateful for the revival of the 50's and 60's garment.

Julie had a similar experience. The sight of the two small wet spots in the meeting room had shaken what little confidence she had been able to muster and now she couldn't enjoy the dancing. Her mind was on a tour of her soaked diaper, hoping and praying it wouldn't betray its presence in the crowded room.

She kept her eye on Laura and deliberately steered her partner to keep close to her. It was a long song and the next one was also slow so she dancing. Sitting down was just too scary to contemplate.

The wide crotch of the diaper each girl wore forced her to dance with her legs wider apart than usual. That was the reason Laura didn't realize she was leaking until Julie flashed her a terrified look and discretely pointed to the floor at Laura's feet.

Laura got the message and forced herself not to break away from her partner and look down. It was the thing she wanted to do most and yet the worst possible move. She prayed for the song to end and when it finally drew to a close she thanked her partner and made her way back to the table.

Julie arrived at the same time. Everyone else was still dancing. The girls picked up their purses and looked for Gregg and Mark. They found Mark necking with a girl in the corner of the dance floor and Gregg was nowhere to be found. Laura had been intending to make her excuses but the flash of rage she felt cancelled that plan. Instead they made their way to the front of the hotel and hailed a cab. It was just after eleven.



Terri packed up the sewing machine and put it away while Carole cleared up the pieces of thread and tidied up. The rest of the flannel they had purchased the day before had been transformed into four more adult sized diapers.

A few minutes later the women had prepared a fresh arrangement of cloth and disposable diapers, complete with new pairs of plastic panties, purchased an hour ago from an all-night drug mart.

They poured drinks and resumed their places in the living room. Carole glanced at the clock and noticed it was just after eleven. "How much longer?" she asked.

"Not long now," Terri replied.

"Are we doing the right thing?"

Terri gave her friend an I'm-in-charge look, "I have no doubts. We discussed it. If they're getting hot pants then we'll have to help them control it. That means reminding them who is boss. A night in diapers won't hurt them but it will remind them that tonight isn't going to be an isolated case."

"So it's to be no diaper, no date." Carole said.

"Right. And diapers to bed and during the next day to remind them of our control."

"They won't like it."

"They aren't supposed to."

"What do we do if they resist."

Terri looked a little frustrated. "I explained that. When they get here the rule is they can't get out of their wet diapers until they're in the handcuffs or agree to cooperate."



Half-way home in the cab Laura leaned over to Julie and whispered, "I'm sure I'm leaking." The other girl went tense but there was nothing she could say or do. She had doubts about her own diaper and gave thanks that the cab had black vinyl seats, it was dark and the diapers would soon be off. Julie dreamed of having her comfort and security back.

At the house Julie distracted the driver by paying him while Laura escaped. A quick glance at the departing figure told her Laura had been right. There was a large dark stain on the back of her dress. They had left the Prom just in time.

After she got out of the cab she felt the back of her own dress and was shocked to feel a similar wet patch. After seeing Laura she imagined how it looked and she hurried down the sidewalk, anxious to be inside and safe.

Their mothers were waiting for them in the living room. One glance at the girls' faces told them all they needed to know. "How did you make out?" Terri asked Julie in a cheerful voice, as if this were any normal date.

Both girls blushed and stared at the floor. "We don't want to talk about it. We just want to get out of.... these things."

Terri took charge. "I understand. One at a time, girls. Julie, come with me."

Laura had a troubled expression on her face as her mother, Terri and Julie went down the hall and into the master bedroom. The door closed and there were loud voices but she couldn't make out what was being said.

A few minutes later the door opened slightly and her mother said "Come along. It's your turn." Laura didn't like the sound of that but she was desperate to be out of the soaked, heavy, itchy diaper.

As soon as she entered the room Carole closed the door behind her. Julie was standing at the window wearing a dressing gown, her back to the room.

Sensing something was afoot, Laura looked around suspiciously until she saw the pile of diapers on the floor beside the bed. Defeat and anger swelled inside her. "No!" she screamed and pounded her clenched fists on her thighs. She screamed the word again and again until her mothers fingers began working at the zipper at the back of her dress and Julie turned around.

She was wearing a baby doll top that didn't even begin to cover the bulging plastic panty that sealed her fresh diapers. She spoke so softly that Laura stopped yelling so she could hear. "Don't fight it. You can't fight it. If you want to be comfortable, you'll have to let them have their way."

Laura collapsed into a heap on the floor. She stayed like that until the two mothers guided her onto her feet, stripped off her clothes and got her ready for her new diaper.

"It's not fair!" she complained through bitter tears as she laid on the bed while the fresh layers of diapers were pulled into place around her loins.

They made no reply, gave no excuse. After the diaper locks were snugly on duty they did give her a baby doll top like Julie's. Then they left the room with the calm assurance that neither girl could disturb her cloth and plastic prison.

Laura and Julie sat on the bed and stared at their bulging loins. "I guess we had better get used to it." Julie muttered.

"I'll never get used to it," Laura said just as she deliberately released a burst of pee. Immediately the disposable diaper over her nether lips softened. When she flexed her legs slightly it rubbed ever so gently, "but I may get to like it."

Julie gave her a puzzled look until she saw how her friend was flexing her thighs. She did the same but felt nothing.

"Wet it a little first. It's good. You'll see."

A few seconds later Julie discovered the secret.