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Willi McKenzie jumped down from the yellow schoolbus. Splitting off from the cluster of middleschoolers, he scurried down a path off the side of the road. Skidding down the steep bank into the woods, he heard his friends calling to each other as they headed down the street to the ball field by Euan's grocery. Normally, he'd be with them on such a bright sunny day, but he was in a rush to get home. At the bottom of the bank, he sprinted, his high top tennis shoes making dimples in the moist red clay as he dodged logs and hopped gulleys. The brush slapped at his faded levi's as he came into the backyard of the old victorian house. Unlike his usual tumultuous entrance, he slowed and slipped quitely around the side of the house, climbing up the old concrete blocks set in the ivied bank by the north wall. He carefully opened the back door. Moving quietly, he passed his father's library and headed up the carpeted stairs to his room.

Closing the door, Willi got down on his knees, and reached under the bed. He stretched to reach the far corner where the bed was shoved against the corner of the room. Feeling nothing, he moved his hand from side to side, and then began to frantically sweep his hand back and forth, brushing the wood with his fingertips. Willi's heart skipped a beat, and a knot formed in his stomach. Reaching up he took the lamp off his bedside table and tipped it sideways to look under the bed. Nothing.

Willi stood up shaking. He knew he should have hidden the diapers outside. Then he could have run them through the washer and dryer when his mom went shopping on Saturday as usual. This morning he'd overslept, and wakened with his father tickling him on the ribs - fortunately just above the soggy diapers hidden under the his P.J.'s. He'd grabbed the sheets and held them down, yelling at his father to leave him alone.

Sam McKenzie, momentarilly startled, had stood up and looked down at his son, taken aback. Puzzled. Normally the boy was in pretty good, if sleepy, spirits when he got him up. Shrugging it off to a bad morning, Sam had kept his voice cheerful, telling the obviously anxious boy to hurry up or he'd be late for school.

Willi, looking at the clock, realized he'd have to run to catch his bus. He was relieved to see his father leave the room, and had squirreled out of the wet diapers and carefully balled them up into his pajama bottoms before getting out of bed. Even though, he thought he was a bit old for footed sleepers, he was glad he'd had them on, as they'd covered everything when his father had pulled back the sheets. Standing up, the naked boy ran his fingers down over his smooth hairless crotch, feeling the damp pee still clinging to his skin. He loved the faint aroma of amonia, and wished he could put the wet diapers back on. Carefully closing the door to his room, so his older sister Jilley wouldn't see him, he separated the diapers from the pajamas. Realizing he wouldn't have time to run out and hide them in the woods behind the house, he balled up the wet cloth and shoved the diapers into a far corner under his bed.

He then pulled the plastic bag out of the pajamas. By cutting the corners off, he'd created holes that fit around his legs tightly enough to keep the his pee from wetting the bed. Though occasionally there were wet spots on the sheets, his mother had never said anything, and he assummed she hadn't noticed them. Unfortunately he had to tuck the plastic in over the diapers to keep from leaking at the top, and the crinkled plastic never felt very comfortable around his waist. How he dreamed of real plastic pants. The plastic bags were a poor substitute, useful only in so far as they were easily made and disposed of without suspicion. How he envied his 4 year old cousin Joey, kept in thick cloth diapers and plastic pants by Uncle Josh and Aunt Mary. He planned to volunteer a lot of time over the summer to watch the kid. Willi just loved looking at that padded bottom toddling around the backyard in plastic pants and T-shirt.

His mother must have cleaned his room and found the wet diapers! Willi's normally ruddy complexion was sheet white. He sat down on his bed, tears welling up from his brown eyes as he shook with fear. His mind was blank with fear. How is a boy supposed to deal with his parents finding out that he'd been sneaking his four year old cousin's diapers and wetting them in secret. He had no idea why, but it was irresistible. He could still almost feel the sensation when he'd first tried on real diapers. Screwing up his courage, he'd snuck two of Joey's diapers, putting them on under a loose fitting pair of coverall's he'd worn over to his Aunt and Uncle's one Saturday. The thrill of the thick cloth bunched up between his legs and the possiblility of someone noticing the buldge under his loose clothing on the way home, had left him almost dizzy with excitement. When he got home, he'd locked himself in the bathroom for an hour, even though no one was in the house, and paraded naked in front of the mirror with the diapers pinned tightly around his waist. They were real - right down to the two blue teddy bear pins purloined from Joey's diaper table!

Now, there was nothing Willi could do. His parents knew! He shook some more, struggling to get control of himself. He sat down on his bed and put his head down on his hands. It was then that he noticed for the first time that he'd been so scared, he'd actually wet his pants. There was a dark stain the size of a baseball around his crotch where the pee had soaked the faded blue denim cloth. Ironically, somehow the wet pants actually comforted him. Sometimes, when he was out in the woods, he'd deliberately do this, running around on the trails where there was always the chance that one of his friends might see him before they dried out. It had always been a wonderful feeling, somehow made all the better by the possibility of discovery. Once, Billy Martin and Terry Danson had almost caught him. They'd seen him on a trail and had called out to him to ask if he wanted to go over to the old tree house and play war. He'd yelled back that he was late getting home, and had raced off, terrified, up the trail deeper into the woods before they could follow. After his mom finding his wet diapers, however, he wasn't about to be discovered with wet pants. Quickly he stripped off the trousers and the underwear. Fortunately, he hadn't really soaked them and he knew that they would dry out in the laundry hamper long before his mother did the Monday wash. His mother had never commented on the occasional pee stain on his underwear, and he didn't expect any trouble from that.

Leaving the levis and white jockey shorts in a bunch on the floor, he went over to his bureau to get clean clothes. It had been hot all day, so he searched around in the bottom for a pair of shorts. The weather had just turned warm, and with the beginning of summer, they were still at the bottom of the pile beneath the jeans he usually wore to school. He pulled out a pair of light green cotton denim shorts and held them up. Compared to most boy's shorts, the legs were quite short. Even though the stores stocked mostly jams and bermuda-length, his mother disliked the way they looked, and she always cut off and hemmed the legs to what she regarded as a proper length for boys - about a half inch below the crotch. As his mother never bought him knee or other athletic length socks, but socks that reached just above the tops of his high top tennis shoes, this left his legs exposed from ankle to nearly his crotch, while, at the same time, they emphasized the smooth curves of his round little fanny. His mother referred to this as "European-style" from the boys she and Sam had admired while on their summer honey moon camping around Germany.

Though his friends usually kidded him a bit about his short-shorts, he secretly liked them cause they looked like little boy shorts. Since he'd grown up in the neighborhood, all the kids were used to them. Their teasing was pretty friendly, and he enjoyed wearing them, particularly around some older kids in the neighborhood. He liked the way they tended to treat him like a little boy - it had become kind of a game with them once they picked up on the fact that he actually liked this. He was a likable kid whose shy smile, respectful charm, and playful nature made him a fun little monkey to have around, and his playing at being a little boy was accepted as a running joke.

Laying the shorts on the floor, Willi pulled open the second drawer of his bureau to get clean underwear. There, washed and neatly folded, were the diapers, placed between the T-shirts and jocky shorts.

Willi stayed up in his room until called for dinner. His mother had heard him come in, but had chosen not to disturb him, leaving him to make his own discoveries of the mornings events. This had not been the first time she'd found diapers in his room. Some months ago there had been wet diapers under the bed, and several times she had found the dry diapers hidden under his jeans or in his closet during periodic cleanings and reorganizations of his often chaotic room. It had been four months since her sister-in- law had called up to tell her that she'd seen Willi sneak a couple of Joey's diapers and wear them home under his overalls. The not infrequent wet spots, and pee stains on his sheets, in the light of all this were more than tell- tale. She and Sam had said nothing. It was also true that neither she or Sam were particularly anxious to see Willi grow up, and they always dressed him in clothes as young as they and Willi could get away with. Willi still had grey flannel shorts for church, even though most boys his age had slacks, and she always bought footed pajamas for him along with the short-shorts. She had even reseamed some so that they had no fly. They both thought his sneaking the diapers was cute, but felt that they should respect his privacy. They also knew about the pants wetting in the woods. The heavy pee stains on the underwear and the distinctive slight air of amonia about the boy and sudden changes in clothing were all noticed along with the pattern of secretive dissappearances into the woods. Once she had seen him dissappear hurridly around the corner of the house into the woods, his levis clearly padded at crotch.and fanny.

Sam and she had discussed how they should handle this many times, and had waited to see if the pattern established itself into a fixation, and how he dealt with his unusual desires. Having Willi in diapers was exciting to them both for a variety of reasons, but they also felt that they should not force or push him towards something he might resent latter. Even though this fetish was appealing to them both, it was his, and they wanted him to develope his personality and sexuality in his own way. Recent events had made it clear, though, that Willi was beginning to skate on thin ice. The trips into the woods to wet his pants and wander around could lead to unfortunate consequences. Willi was becoming more daring in these voyages out into the world, and at 11 years of age, they weren't at all comfortable with this. Clearly he was flirting with discovery, almost pursuing it. In addition, Willi's preoccupation with the diapers was having an undesirable effect on his personality. Usually open and cheerful, he was becoming secretive and withdrawn. The edge had gone off his schoolwork, and he often seemed to avoid playing with his friends. Worse, he often seemed fearful and anxious. It was becoming obvious that the stress of hiding what was obviously an obscession was having an unhappy effect.

When Willi was called down to dinner, he was the last to arrive. He took his usual place at the table with a sense of looming catastrophe. He said nothing, studying his placemat. When he glanced discretely around the table, he could see nothing unusual in the faces of his parents, though Jilley gave him a funny look when he briefly crossed eyes with her. That was enough to tell him that his secret was out to the whole family. As he sat there, a knot of anticipation in his stomache, his parents talked about the day and its events as though nothing unusual had happened. His dad, still wearing the officer's dress Khaki's he usually wore on the post, was discussing the plans for the summer with his mother and sister. There were big plans for a vacation to the Caribbean in September before school started, and Jilley was dissappointed that she was going to be at camp during this time. She had a job as a 14 yr old junior councilor that she had been looking forward to as a camper for years. After passing the plates around, Colonel McKenzie asked Jilley how school had gone that day and if she had finished her homework. After discussing this and the ceremony in the fall where she would get a letter for cheerleading, his father asked Willi how his day had been. Willi wasn't very responsive, and mumbled something about having no homework as next week was going to largely be exams before summer break.

In her usual best lecture tone, his mother cut in and said, during a pause in the conversation: "Willi, its time you started to take better care of your room, you can't leave your clothes lying all over the place. I have a lot of work to do and I can't always be picking up after you."

Usual stuff. He got this lecture about every week.

"I also don't want to find any more of your wet diapers stuffed under your bed. They make the whole room smell. From now on you are to put them in the wash along with your other clothes."

The startled look on Willi's face almost made Colonel McKenzie loose his straight face. His sister Jilley choked audibley but said nothing. His mother just continued on lightly scolding him for being such a sloppy boy, and proceeded into a lecture on the necessity of his staying in and spending some time preparing for his exams during the weekend. Part of her usual pep talk about school which he and Jilley had had repeated a thousand times. That was it. The topic of conversation moved on to politics and the drubbing the democrats had gotten in the elections. Both Sam and his wife were quite pleased, as it augured improvements in military salaries and benefits which had deteriorated substantially in recent years.

Willi could hardly believe that that was it. After dinner he dissappeared back up the stairs to his room and got out his toy soldiers and spread them on the floor. He played with these half heartedly until bedtime, when his mother entered his room. "Put your toys away Willi, its time for bed." The 11 year-old barely looked at her as he hurridely gathered them up into their box, and headed off to the bathroom to brush his teeth. His mother was leaving the room just as he returned. "Willi, I put your night things out on your bed for you, if you need any help call me. By the way, I'm going to have to get you some decent plastic pants to use with your diapers." She bent over and kissed the startled boy on the top of his head and ruffled his brown chesnut hair. "I'll be back in ten minutes to tuck you in."

Willi walked into his room to find his footed sleepers lying on the bed, and Joey's two diapers neatly laid out next to them in an open kite fold. Beside them were two new diaper pins with little yellow rabbit heads. His mother had also left a plastic bag and a pair of her kitchen sissors. Willi walked over and stared at the diapers. The door to his room was open and he saw his sister pass by on her way to the bathroom. "Night Willi, sleep well, see ya in the morning." She grinned and dissappeared into the bathroom.

Willi closed the door to his room, and went over to the bed. He looked at the neatly laid out diapers. He really wanted to put them on. The rabbit pins were really cute. His hands trembled, and then he unbuckled his levi's, pushing them and his white jockey shorts down around his ankles.He stepped out of them, leaving them bunched on the floor. Somehow seeing his diapers laid out by his mother, there in the open where he knew his sister had to have seen them: all made his heart pound with excitement. He hopped up on the bed and straddled the diapers. The thick cloth felt cool and smooth against his crotch as he pulled the bulk up between his smooth creamy white legs. Reaching over he took a diaper pin off the bed, stuck it into the cloth, pushing it through the material and closed the clasp. The diapers were small for his medium-build, and he had to pull the corners tightly together to pin the other side. He knew from past experience that they'd loosen up after he wet them, and could hardly wait to get his jury-rigged plastic bag over them. The plastic bag his mother had put on the bed was pretty heavy duty, and made good imitation plastic pants. Carefully cutting the corners off the bag so that they would stretch snugly around his legs, he stepped into it and pulled the plastic up over the diapers. As always, when he tucked the top of the bag in around his tummy over the diapers the crinkly plastic made his skin itch.

Willi suddenly wondered how his mother had known about the plastic bags. She couldn't have found last nights' as he'd pocketed the bag and disposed of it in a trash bin at school.

Willi then ran his hands down over his heavily diapered front, feeling the smooth plastic and the thick padding between his legs. Looking over at the mirror on the dresser, he could see himself, and the sight gave him a small pleasurable chill - particularly as he knew his mother might come back and see him at any moment. He closed his eyes and imagined how much better it would be if he had real white frosty plastic pants like Joey's. He'd tried to put his cousin's on, but they were just too small and he'd ripped a pair trying. This had really scared him, and he'd carefully shoved them deep into his aunt's garbage pail, where he'd prayed she wouldn't find them. He'd lived for several weeks in fear that their absence would be noticed, but there had been no mention of them, and he'd slowly relaxed.

Willy quickly pulled on his baby blue sleeper, stepping into the legs and zipping it up to his chin. The diapers made a clear bulge below his waist, and he grinned at himself in the mirror. With the sleeper on, he looked just like Joey.

Just after he'd gotten in bed and pulled the covers up to his chin, his mother returned. She came over and brushed his light brown hair out of his eyes, and kissed him on the cheek. "Snug as a bug son?"

Willi blushed a little, knowing that his mother knew he had the diapers on. "Yeh."

"You know, I love my little diaper-boy a whole great big lot."

Willi blushed again and his mother smiled at him some more, turned and clicked off the bedside lamp and got up to leave the room. "Mom, how'd you know about the plastic bags?"

Willi's mom turned and chuckled lightly. "Willi, you toss and turn a lot. Sometimes you kick off the covers. You know, mothers come in at night to make sure their little boys are covered up."


"Night dear."

"You really don't mind do you."

"I got your father so he could see you, he thought you looked pretty cute too." Willy's mother gently closed the door.

Willy lay there, his hands down around his padded waist, as he slowly flooded the diapers, his pee soaking down into the heavy cloth, moving slowly through them to wet his crotch and little pink behind. He sighed with pleasure. The feeling of being in wet diapers, in bed, and realizing that he no longer had to worry about being discovered was one of the best moments of his life. He suddenly realized that the guilt was gone. A ton of bricks seemed to lift off his chest and he sighed with pleasure and happiness.

"Willi, rise and shine." Willi's father looked down at the sleepy boy as he slowly opened his eye's.

Willi felt the wet bulk of his diapers as he squeezed his legs together. Suddenly, he realized that the sun was streaming into the room, and that his father had pulled back the covers exposing the large bulge under his sleepers to view. He sat up straight reaching for the blankets to cover himself.

"Uh-uh, Willi." His father intercepted his hand, "time to get up."

"But dad."

"No buts, up you go, and you're to come down to breakfast before you change out of your sleeper."

"Dad, you can tell I have diapers on! I don't want everybody to see me. Please!"

"That's the point," his dad smiled, "from now on your diapers are a family affair. The rest of us get to enjoy seeing you in them too. There'll be no more hiding from now on. When you're in diapers, we all get to see you. There'll be no more guilty running around and hidden little secrets here, and if you want us to cooperate with you, you have to cooperate with us." He reached down, and putting his hands around Willi's waist, lifted him off the bed and onto his feet, pushing him towards the door and down the stairs.

Will could feel the soaked diapers sag, pulling the sleepers down at his crotch. He blushed a deep crimson as he entered the kitchen. Wet and soggy, he stood there looking at his mother and grinning sister."

"Wow, you're right mom, he looks really cute! How's my very little brother this morning?"

It was one of the most embarrasing moments of Willi's life. He felt like he wanted to sink through the floor. Not only was he being forced to display himself in front of his sister in wet diapers, but now she'd tell everyone at school.

Willi's mother saw panic begin to appear on his face as he looked at his sister. Guessing the reason, she laughed and said "Don't worry dear, Jilley has promised never to tell anyone about your diapers. If you don't want them to know, your friends will never know. She can kid you all she likes when you have them on. She can point them out to strangers. She may even be in charge of you sometimes. But only when you are wearing them. Otherwise, she's just your older sister. Same as before. Now sit down and eat your grapefruit." Her son sat down, looking both relieved and embarassed at once. He but couldn't bring himself to look at his giggling sister.

With all his weight on them, moisture began to squeeze out of the sodden diapers around the openings of his jury- rigged plastic pants, soaking into the blue sleepers. Later, as he got out of his chair, he felt the damp cloth between his legs, and hurridly turned sideways to his sister so she couldn't see.

"Mom, Willi's pants have leaked. Make Willi turn around so I can see." Willi glanced angrily at his sister.

Willi's mother looked down at her embarrased looking son: "Turn around Willi", she said", and show Jilley and Dad how wet you are."

Willi, reallizing that his mother meant it, slowly turned. It was painful. His little body shook, as he displayed two beautiful dark blue half moon wet spots on the back of his sleepers which met just below his crotch to soak the sleepers between his legs."

"Pretty cute Willi." Willi turned his head just in time as the camera flashed to catch his surprised expression and the back of his wet sleepers. "We can put this in with the photos of you in bed with your diapers on this summer." he heard his dad say, as his father shoved a photo album to him across the table. Opening it he saw two full pages of pictures from different angles of himself lying asleep on his bed in his power-rangers T-shirt: a yellow plastic bag covering a sodden mass of wet diapers with his pale white legs sticking out below.

"Reeealy cute Willi!" He looked at his sister with resignation, as he heard his dad say: "You can look at them anytime you want Jilley, but now its time for our little diaper-boy to march up stairs and get ready for school. He heard the family chuckling as he trod off up stairs to his room, wet sleepers, diapers and all.

When Willi got home from school, he played in the backyard until dinner time, avoiding his sister. Seeing her after this morning filled him with dread. Up in his room, after dinner, he went over to his bureau and opened his underwear drawer. There were many more diapers than before. New diapers, larger than his old ones. Next to them was a neat stack of large frosty white plastic pants. His heart stopped. He reached down, and picked up a pair. Holding them out, he opened them up, looking at the wide crotch and the neatly stitched elastic around the leg holes and waist. There was the wonderful sweet pink smell of new plastic. Tears of joy literally flowed down his face. He couldn't wait to try on a pair, and grabbing two diapers and some pins from a little dish where his mother had placed them on the bureau, he ran over to his bed.

He was hurridley pulling his pants down over his shoes when his mother walked in. He looked at her panicked as he tried to pull his trousers back up. His mother hadn't seen him naked since he was eight, and he was furiously embarrassed. "Mom!"

"Willy, I came up to help you with your diapers and your new plastic pants. I think you'll find that the larger size has to be folded just right to properly fit a little boy."

"But mom, I don't want you to see me naked! Please mom."

"But Willi - when you're in diaper mode, we all get to see you naked. After all, little boys can't have their pants on when they're being changed, can they." Saying this, Willi's mother pushed her son backward onto the bed, unlaced his shoes, and pull off his pants, exposing his smooth little crotch and pretty little genitles to view. She smiled down at the embarrased boy as Jilley walked into the room.

"No mom! Please! Jilley can't watch!" Willey crossed his legs and covered himself with his hands.

"Of course she can son, now take your hands away and spread your legs apart so she can have a good view." It took some admonishment, and some rather stern remarks before Willi slowly put his hands down by his sides, and then spread them a little way apart. "Further apart Willi - that's right" Willi lay there fully exposed to his sister as his mother neatly folded the diapers, showing Jilley how, lifted up his legs and slid them under his bottom. She pulled the diapers between his legs with a thick soaker pad folded down into his crotch from the front. Having pushed little ducky pins into the thick cloth, to much entertaining comment from Jilley, she put a pair of the new plastic pants over his ankles and had him stand up as she pulled them up over his diapers. Despite his sister and mother, Willy felt a shiver of pleasure as he saw himself standing there in real diapers and real plastic pants in the mirror. With just his blue and yellow stripped T-shirt on, he looked almost like his little cousin. "Now you can go down and watch TV with Jilley and Dad. Dad'll probably want to take some more pictures of you in your new plastic pants for your special album." Willy followed his sister and mother down the stairs to the TV room, where he found his smiling father waiting with the camera. He managed to make a few weak smiles as his father clicked away.

That night, as his mother tucked him in in fresh dry diapers, she'd smiled at him and said, "Did you have a nice time today?" Willy smiled back, reached up and hugged his mother with all his strength. After his mother had left, the door opened again and Willi's father entered the darkened room. Willi was accutely aware of the thick diapers between his legs as his father came over and sat down on the bed next to the boy.

Willi had always been very worried about what would happen if the big, tough, airborne colonel ever found out what a pantywaist son he had. His father's approval was the most important thing in his life, and he was always scared he wouldn't measure up. He'd often heard his father complain about soldiers with no guts or stamina. "Dad, do you mind much - about my diapers I mean?" Willy held his breath.

"Son, you aren't the only little boy who ever snuck a pair of diapers. I just don't want you to have to sneak around like I did." Colonel McKenzie chuckled at the surprised expression on his son's face. "In fact, I'm delighted you like to wear diapers, and it pleases me that you've taken so well to their being a family affair. You'll never have to worry about whether either of your parents is dissappointed in having a diaper-boy for a son. We love you and we want you to be happy, and this clearly makes one happy little boy." He gave his son a big hug, and wishing him sweet dreams left the room.

Earlier that evening, Willi had watched TV, sitting next to his father on the couch. From time to time he could see his mother and sister looking at him, and he'd blush a little each time, and snuggle a little closer to his father, who'd give him a gentle hug." After the Cosby show, his father had shown them all the new photos taken that morning, and then they were pasted into the book. Willi had, for the first time looked through it. In the front were pictures of him heavily diapered as a baby and toddler in various outfits. He'd been trained late and the last one was taken when he was seven. There were pictures of himself before bed during the summer in short pajamas and diapers, and downstairs opening presents in bright red Christmas sleepers when he was six and seven and still wet the bed. In all of them his diapers bulged through the pajamas. He liked looking at them. It felt good to be sitting there in front of the whole family in diapers and plastic pants, looking at pictures of himself thickly diapered as a little kid. He suddenly realized that this was what he really wanted. To be wearing diapers and reall plastic pants and nothing else but a T-shirt, with the whole family looking at him, happily snuggling, playing, doing dishes, watching TV. Just like he belonged in them - and he did.

At dinner, Willi had had several glasses of milk, and his mother later made cocoa for the children while they watched TV. The thick chocolate brew had been sweet and comforting. The big mug of cocoa had also been filling. Willi realized that he had to pee. He had to pee badly. He looked at his mother and sister, started to get up, and sat down again. He didn't want to use the bathroom.

Willy's mother looked over at him and saw that there was a darkening patch on the front of his diapers where his plastic pants were pulled against the cloth. She smiled at him and said "thats a good boy Willi - let me know when you want to be changed."

Willi saw both his sister and father turn and look at his diapered front. He felt there stares - but somehow -. He smiled back at them with shy embarassement. And they smiled at him. His father gave him a hug - 'Good boy." He'd grinned happily as his mother recorded the event on film with his father hugging him."

"Willi you can wear diapers anytime you want to." His father was speaking to the diapered and happily soaked boy at the breakfast table. "However, your mother and I feel strongly that you need to know that someone else is in charge when you are in diaper mode. That will be me, your mother, or sometimes even your sister." Willi wasn't at all sure about the last part. "When you are in diaper mode, we will decide what you wear, when you are changed, and where you will go. Period. It is your decision, however, when you'll be in diaper mode. You will tell us when and how long you want to be in diapers, and when that time comes you will be in diaper mode - whether you like it or not - until the time you asked to be in diapers is over."

"You mean I can wear diapers all next weekend if I want to?" Willi's father nodded. "Really?." Willi's father smiled: "It's a done deal son - starting Friday after school until Monday morning?" Willy grinned with delight.

Willi rushed home from school, hopping off the bus and running all the way to his house. He found his mother waiting for him, and she took him up to his room. His bureau was in a new position to make room for a table under the window overlooking the woods. It was covered with a pad and plastic sheet with little duckies on it. Next to it was a plastic pail, with Willy's Wet Diapers" neatly stenciled on it. Willi looked nervously at the new arrangement. "What about when my friends come over to play?"

"Don't worry dear, when you're not in diapers, only the table will be here, the rest of the stuff will be on the top shelf of our dressing room closet where no one will see it."

Willy looked relieved, as his mother hoisted him up onto the table. He was a bit nervous though to be diapered in front of the window. Someone might see him from the woods below. His mother smiled at the nervous boy. She'd deliberately placed the changing table there because she knew that the chance that someone might see him would make diaper changes that much more exciting for him. "Like father-like son." she smiled to herself. There was really very little chance, she thought, that anyone would notice this little performance from the woods. She pulled off Willi's pants and underwear, and taking a bottle of baby oil, squirted it over the boy's crotch. Willi jumped a little as he hadn't expected this, but as his mother smoothed the oil into his skin, rubbing it around his crotch, he gradually relaxed, and rolled over so his mother could repeat the process on his fanny. The feeling of his mother's finger rubbing the oil around the crease between his legs, and then into his little hole sent a chill through his naked pink body.

Patricia McKenzie smiled as she felt the shiver of pleasure run through her son's body as she rubbed the scented baby oil into Willi's most private places. Just like his father, every time her finger slipped into the pink little hole he would twitch excitedly. She reached down and took two thick diapers from the neat stack on the shelf under the table, and lifting his fanny up pinned them around his hips. She had him stand-up in front of the window on the table and step into the plastic pants, and left him there while she went over and got a pair of baby blue corduroy short-shorts and a matching blue and white stripped T-shirt.

Willy kept looking nervously out the window, both scared and excited at the prospect that someone would see him there standing in full view dressed only in diapers. He kept imagining that he saw someone down in the woods below the house looking up. Several times he thought, or imagined he saw some movement in the bushes. He wasn't sure. It was a considerable relief, then, when his mother finally pulled the shorts up around his waist and had him sit down so she could pull the T-shirt on and tie his tennis shoes. Sliding off the table he stood up and looked over at the reflection of himself in the mirror above his bureau. He liked what he saw. The fleece shorts pulled tight over the bulging diapers functioned and looked exactly like one of the covers his Aunt sometimes put on Joey. The legs of the shorts were only about a half an inch long, and just barely covered the the plastic pants. He was sure that if he bent over, anyone would be able to see the plastic pants from behind. He followed his mother downstairs where she handed him a plastic bucket and shovel. Willi looked at them in surprise.

"Willi, you can go play in the backyard in the sandbox until your father gets home."

"Mom! someone might see me there!"

"I wouldn't worry too much, your friends usually come to the front door, and not through the woods, and if you see them, you can always run into the basement. Besides, you look so cute, I'll bet your friends would really enjoy seeing you."

Willi shuddered at the thought.

Willi stuck his head out the basement door and peered carefully around. He could see no one. He waited. Then, cautiously stepped out into the yard. Standing in front of the door, legs spread slightly apart, he felt the breeze of the late spring day fan his legs and cheeks. He looked at the little blue plastic bucket and shovel in his hand and shrugged. He waddled over to the sand box and sat down, spreading his legs wide apart, he stuck shovel into the sand and began to fill the bucket like a toddler. His shorts stretched apart, exposing the white plastic spread tightly over the buldging diapers at his crotch through the leg openings to anyone's view who might passing by. He stared down, fascinated at the plastic, feeling a sense of both shame and pleasure, savoring the sense of dread that someone might see him.

Willi played in the back yard for about an hour, gradually relaxing as he became accustomed to being exposed in his diapers. When he heard his dad's car pull in the driveway, he came round the front of the house and met his father as he got out of the car. Sam grinned to see his well diapered boy in his short shorts and T-shirt and caught him up in his arms. "How's my little diaper boy today? Did you have a good time at school - I bet you couldn't wait to get home to get your baby pants on." Willi blushed and then grinned happily as he felt his Dad's hand checking his now soaked diapers."I guess it's time for a change old bean. Willi clung to his father as the happy boy was carried into the house.

His dad carried him upstairs into his bedroom and laid him on the changing table just as his sister Jilley came down the hall. Jilley turned and followed them in. Willi blushed a deep red when he saw his sister - he still didn't like the idea of his 13 year old sister seeing him naked, much less being diapered.

"Jilley, I'm glad you're here," his dad grinned wickedly, "it's time you learned how to change your little brother."

Willi gasped in horror: "Please dad - no!"

Ignoring him, Sam told his daughter to pull down Willi's shorts fulling exposing his thick diapers and plastic pants to view, and then had her strip off the plastic pants leaving the soggy diapers pinned to the boy.

"Wow! he's really wet Dad. I don't think I've even seen Joey this wet before. What a little soaker you are Willi." Then as Willi squirmed with embarrasement she unpinned him, pulled the diapers out from between his legs and dropped them into his diaper pail. Willi instinctively put his legs together and tried to cover his crotch only to have his dad pull his hands aside and make him spread his legs so Jilly could have a full view. Impossibley, he reddened even more as his dad handed a bottle of baby oil to his sister. Jilley was delighted, she'd secretely always wondered what a boys crotch felt like and now she was going to have the double pleasure of feeling out her brothers even as she got to humiliate him. Squirting the baby oil all over his penis and balls, she ran her hands over his belly and then down between his legs, bringing her palm up to cup his little jewels. She smiled with pleasure observing her brother squirm half with embarassement and half with pleasure as she smoothed the oil onto his little soft shaft, and then, rolling him over, onto his fanny. "There you go little baby boy, all oiled up. He was so wet dad, I think we better triple diaper him for dinner, don't you think." Jilley reached down and piled three of the thick prefolded diapers together, folding the sides in at the front and doubling it over to make a thick soaker pad. then she made will lift up his behind as she pushed the pile under him and pulled them up between his legs. It took several tries to get the thick mass pinned together, and the plastic pants were completely filled with diapers when she pulled them up - ballooning out.

Willi could only waddle with the thick mass between his legs, once he was allowed to get up from the table. Before he went downstairs, his sister pulled a short T-shirt over his head, but left the diapers uncovered in full view. His father stopped him as he started to head towards the door.

"Thank your sister Willi."

Willi looked at his sister and gave a low grudging "thanks".

"No Willi, thank her nicely, and for everything."

Willi looked at his dad - He was supposed to thank his sister for humiliating him?

"Willi, would you like to go for a walk in the neighborhood?"

"No fair dad, you said that you wouldn't show me off in front of my friends."

"Right, and you agreed to do whatever we told you and to go along with anything we said while you're in diaper mode. If you keep your bargain, we'll keep ours."

Willi looked at his dad, and realized that he was serious. Doing his best to put on a nice tone, he looked at his sister and said "Thanks for changing my diapers Jilley."

"That could be a little more complete Willi," his dad said.

"Thanks for changing my wet baby diapers and oiling me up and making me waddle like on overstuffed duck, Jilley." Willi finally forced a small smile for his sister.

You're welcome baby brother.

Willi got another surprise at dinner. "Willi, you are going to have to return the diapers you stole from Joey, and apologize to Uncle Josh and Aunt Mary tomorrow." Willi looked in horror at his mother.

"What am I supposed to say? Please, please, please don't make me do that."

"Willi, stealing is wrong, and you know it. It's your responsibility to take the consequences of your actions. As for what you tell them - you tell them the truth: that you took them because you wanted to wear and wet baby diapers and were afraid to ask your parents to let you."

In the morning, Willi's dad got him up for breakfast in his soaking wet diapers as usual. And as usual, despite the double diapers, by the time he'd finished his sleepers were soaked through around the crotch and legs. Jilley made him display his wet pajamas all over again, and then he was taken off upstairs to be diapered for the day. He was dressed in bright red fleece short-shorts that barely covered his plastic pants. They were a tight fit, and his mother remarked to his father how nicely they displayed the thick diapers beneath. To this was added a blue and white T- shirt that just reached the top of the shorts, short white socks and his sneakers. His mother then led him downstairs followed by his father where he was handed a bag with Joey's diapers and the purloined safety pins and escorted to the family car. Willey couldn't believe that he was going to have to go over to his Aunt and Uncle's all diapered up, but no amount of tears and pleading would change his parents minds. In the end they had to drag him out the door, where his obviously diapered state, and the chance one of his friends might see him made him only to eager to finally get into the car.

Willi looked at his Aunt and Uncles house with dread as they went up the front walk, the bag of diapers clutched in a sweaty little palm. He nearly choked as the door bell was rung. His aunt Mary opened the door and looked down at him. She smiled down at him and his parents.

"Come on in, what a pleasant surprise! Why Willi, why are you dressed like a baby? She laughed, "You look just like Joey."

Willi, who had been staring hard at his feet, looked up in surprise as he heard his four year cousin come up from behind. He looked at the boy - dressed in identical red fleece shorts, T-shirt and socks to his own. He did look just like Joey.

"Willi has something to say to you and Josh Mary, can we come in?"

The frightened boy stood in the living room of his Aunt and Uncle's house with his parents behind him. He stuttered and choked back tears as he explained what he had done to his Aunt and Uncle. They in turn looked at him with mock severity, commenting on how terrible it was that he'd stolen from them, and how hurt they were.

"I think that Willi has to make this up to us. What do you suggest Mary?"

"Hmmm, it seems to me that he really isn't old enough to do a lot of serious work - I think the best thing he could do would be to look after Joey for us for the rest of the weekend. I also think that since only toddlers and very little boy's steal, that that is how we should treat him. What do you think Willi?"

Willi looked up at his uncle. Despite the severity of their tone, Willi sensed that they really weren't all that displeased with him. He really loved his Aunt and Uncle and was ashamed and really did want to make it up to them for taking the diapers. "I guess that OK, besides I like taking care of Joey, and I guess you know that I really don't mind wearing diapers now."

"Well." his uncle said, I guess that settles it if its alright with your parents." Willi heard his parents agree.

Willi began to get suspicious when his father went out to the car and came back with a bag filled with his diapers and plastic pants. When his Aunt and Uncle produced a onesie for him in his own size when the went to change him he looked at them and said "You already knew all about this, didn't you."

"Yep! and like your parents we were quite pleased to discover that you liked diapers. In fact, we're kind of hoping that Joey won't ever get tired of his. We just wish that you hadn't tried to keep it secret so long. Your Aunt Mary's done quite a bit of sewing for you.

Joey giggled when he saw his older cousin dressed in a onesie. Willi, for his part was thrilled, and let his aunt and uncle take a whole pile of photographs.