This Is How I Got Started I...

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This Is How I Got Started In Diapers

This is how I got started in diapers...

When I was 13 I made a diaper out of a plastic bag and towel. I played around with it for a few months and then thought it might be fun to call one of those diaper services and ask them about diapers. When I told them it was for a grown up boy, they told me that they had something like that! I was stunned, but figured if they had cloth diapers that big, maybe they had disposables. I called a drug store and they had some, so I immediately went out and got a package of them, Curity I think. I started wearing them a lot but I wanted someone to change me and make me wear them.

It was summer and nobody was home that night at all (my Dad wouldn't be back until 7 am). At about 11:30pm I put on my diaper and a tee shirt and went over to the park that was next door to my house carrying a bag with 6 diapers, baby powder, wipes, oil, and plastic panties. I walked around, staying away from the people but excited that I still might get caught. I got closer to people, walking right past one couple, I think they noticed but didn't say anything. Soon I found a group of girls around 16 years old near the fountain, they were laughing and probably smoking. I didn't have the nerve to get to close to them like this, I wanted them to see me and do something but I wanted them (or one of them to come up to me). While walking around I did get close but it was behind them, I thought it would be safe because of the dark, as I neared them I could hear one say "I think that guy IS wearing a diaper, listen..." and they got very quiet. My heart was racing, I might be caught and maybe they wouldn't treat me as I hoped. I was still in the dark but my diaper rustled with each step. Accidentally I walked under a light by my path, I heard another of the girls say "I think you're right it sound like a diaper and looks like it too!". Now I was excited and scared at the same time, I slowed my walk a little to give them more time to do something. A girls voice called out "hey, are you wearing a diaper?". I froze for a second then continued walking quickly now, I had chickened out. Two of the girls caught up with me shortly, one grabbed my arm and said "Can we talk to you for a second?". I tried continue but stopped when she grabbed the side of my diaper. "Why are you wearing this, do you have a problem, or are you a lost baby?" she said the last with a little sarcasm. "I lost a bet and had to wear this diaper out here until somebody saw it" I told her. She asked what I was supposed to do after someone saw it. I told her that I had to wear this diaper until I found someone to change me and baby-sit me for a while. She asked me if I'd found anybody yet and what is the bag. I told her I hadn't even asked anyone yet and let her look in the bag. She then told me, "My name is Susan, this is Karen. My friends and I will baby-sit you right now, if you want.". I quickly agreed, thinking that this is working out well. We walked back to the group and she told them that I lost a bet and that they were going to baby-sit me. She started to introduce me when I realized she hadn't asked my name, "This is Baby, he will do anything we tell him to or else we'll keep his diapers and make him walk home naked." I thought, I'll still have my shirt but, "Baby, hold up your arms." Then she pulled of my shirt and gave it to one of the others. "Now this is Anna, and Joyce. You can call us Mama and then our name."

"Lie down there, legs open, knees bent and hands above your head. Don't move or speak" Susan said. They huddled and talked for a few minutes, giggling every now and then. I was excited. Finally they walk over and stand around me. Susan started "We've got the rules for you. Disobey and you'll get spanked, on your bare ass, and each spanking will get harder. You will be allowed to leave when only one diaper is left, if you try to leave before then, we WILL pull of the diaper you're wearing and keep everything, leaving you naked." This spot of the park was well concealed from view, probably why they had been smoking there, but once I left I would be in very plain view and might get in trouble with no clothes on. Anna spoke next "You are not allowed to speak unless spoken to, and we expect you to wet you diapers, every one of them, before we change you." Now Joyce "Just wet them, if you shit in them, you'll change it yourself" Everyone looked at Karen, she spoke "You're going to do whatever we say, and I've got a few really good things" the rest giggled, I didn't.

"First things first, let's check Baby for wetness." Anna said, and then felt my diaper, she grabbed my crotch, which was very hard and now got harder. "There's something there but it's dry" she gave it once quick rub and stood up. "Wet your diaper, baby, so Mamas can change it." Well I had planned to wet this diaper before going back so I'd drank a lot of liquid at home. In a minute wet myself a bit, I thought that I'd better same some for 5 more diapers. They could all see the wet spot on the diaper and expression on my face. Susan knelt down and felt my diaper, "It looks like baby wet his diaper, I'll change him this time." I told her I may not be able to wet every diaper. Both Susan and Anna got very angry looks on their faces. "You are not allowed to speak, you're getting a spanking now, Baby" Anna said. Susan opened the tapes on my diaper and pulled it down, exposing me. She wiped me off and powdered me, then told me to go over to Anna and bend over her knee. I went. Anna spanked me very hard at least 20 times, I tried to get her to stop and tried to cover my bum with my hands but the others held my hands away from my bum. "Now we'll have no more talking, OK? Susan, you can finish now." I went back over to Susan and lay down, she opened a new diaper placed it under me and then rubbed some oil over my penis. I was still a virgin and had little experience with girls touching me, it was great. Then she finished diapering me, rolled me over and told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl around, she gave me a smack on my diapered bum and said "be good".

I wet the diaper again in about 2 minutes while I crawled around and they each felt my diaper and crotch. Karen was next to change me. She stood me up then pulled of the diaper and told me to turn around. I repeated this then for each of the four girls. They asked me about girls and what I'd done, and what I knew. Then Karen lay me down and powdered me generously and added some oil to my ass and put my new diaper on. I was put on my stomach and told to pee in my diaper. This time it took a few minutes, when it did start Karen reached under and pushed on my bladder and back at the same time. I let it all go. "It seems he was holding out on us earlier, he's going to get it for this," it was Joyce speaking. She made me rub around in the diaper for a minute then pulled my ass up in the air so that I was on my knees and shoulders with by back arched and ass up. Joyce pulled down my diaper so my ass was exposed and she started spanking me "if you move you're going home naked" she said and I really believed her. Joyce started talking while spanking me "You're a virgin, never put you dick in a girl, have you. You want to though, don't you?" I stayed quiet, she hit harder and asked again "Don't you?" I said yes. Now she told me that she was going to make me feel what a woman feels with a man. I got really turned on but nervous. She produced a small plastic thing and asked "Do you know what this is? It's a tampon and I'm going to use it on you to let you know what it's like to be a woman." I got really nervous and tried to get up. The other three pinned me down while keeping my ass in the air. Joyce put some gel on the tampon and then on my ass "this helps it go into me easier, so it should help you too." She slowly put the tampon inside my ass, it hurt and I tensed my ass and face. I got a swat on the rear and was told to relax or it would really hurt. Joyce pushed it in all the way and then played with it pushing and pulling a little talking all the while "You'd like to put your dick in one of us and thrust it like this wouldn't you? How do you like to be a woman?" Then she pulled the plastic out while telling me that the tampon was still in there just the applicator was gone. She spanked me again, for no reason and then put me on my back lifted my legs and diapered me tugging the tampon every now and then.

Karen stood up put her hands under her skirt and pulled of her panties, then she asked if I'd ever seen a girls pussy. I said I had seen pictures and a few movies but never a real one. She walked over to me, straddled my head and told me to look at her. I told her that it was too dark to see much, so she lifted her skirt up to her waist. I could see everything now, and so could the other girls. Susan said "sit on his face, get him to eat you out. This may be your only chance to have a guy who does exactly what you want." Karen said no, but the others started to try to convince her to do it. Soon Karen started to kneel down unto my face. She stopped on her knees and told me what to do "use your tongue only, lick around everywhere and I'll tell you where a like it and what to do." Joyce called out "And don't try any biting crap, Baby." Karen squatted over my face lowering herself until I could reach her with me tongue. It smelled good, and tasted weird. I couldn't decide about the taste, it was a pussy and I loved it but it tasted different than anything before, but soon I liked it. I licked her, and she told me what to do, I put my tongue in her pussy, and licked up her clit (I didn't know what it was at the time, just how much she enjoyed it) After about ten minutes, she let out a yelp, her hips convulsed making it hard to keep licking the same spot, and she came all over my face.

The other three sat there in silence as Karen got off me and sat down on the grass, her skirt still up. Then suddenly they applauded and burst into conversation. "Wow, you orgasmed, I've never done that before" "How did it feel" "I can't believe you did it in front of us with a stranger" "how do you feel now" Karen smiled and said "I still feel it inside" and she rubbed her legs together. "You smell pretty strong, not bad, but strong" said Anna "I think I'd like to try him too."

Anna was wearing tights, she pulled them off and then her panties came off. She sat down on the bench and told me to come over to her. When I did, she got me on my knees and pushed my head into her crotch. She started going crazy quickly but I couldn't make her come. One of the other girls finally said to stick a finger in her pussy. I did, and she came quickly but would not let my face out of her pussy until she had subsided. Susan came over and felt my diaper saying "it looks like Baby doesn't have any more pee left, but he has to get wet at least on more time."

I was told to stand up and Susan stuck her hand in my diaper and felt my erection. "Let's all take a look at this girls" and she pulled open my diaper. They all looked at me, Joyce spoke first "play with yourself, Baby" I grabbed my penis and stroked quickly. Susan slapped my hand and took it off my penis, then she grabbed my penis herself and started stroking it slowly "like this Baby, we want to enjoy this for a while" my legs started to get weak with her stroking and she stopped and ordered me to resume. I did. Joyce told me not to come until I was told to. Soon I had to come, I asked if I could, but only received a smack on my ass and being told to stay quiet. Susan started to take off her shirt and bra, she was the most well endowed girl there, not to big but very firm. She grabbed my head and told me to breast feed from her. I started suckling and stopped masturbating. I got a good smack from Joyce for that. I was ordered to start masturbating again. I was bent over a little sucking Susan, stroking myself and Joyce stuck a finger in my ass and played with the tampon there. I came quickly, and got in trouble and spanked for doing it. Joyce pulled the tampon out of me and threw it away. I stood there cum dripping from the penis, Susan had pulled away.

I was told to stand there and they huddled again. When they returned, Karen spoke "You've been a good baby, we all had a lot of fun. We want to do something else, this time for you. Then we'll diaper you and send you home" I nodded. Karen stripped down to her bra, no panties, Anna pulled off her shirt and bra, Susan pulled her jeans off but kept her panties, and Joyce stripped down to her panties. Anna went to Joyce and pulled off her panties from behind, Joyce was shocked and tried to cover up, then thought better of it and asked "do you like my body?" I nodded looking at her mound, it was completely hairless, she noticed and told me that she never grew any pubic hair, and did I like it. Again I nodded. I was ordered to lie down with my legs open. Then the all knelt down around me, with Joyce and Anna's pussy's in my face. Then they started stroking my cock, and suddenly one of them put it in her mouth, it was Susan. They all sucked me until I came, each one except Anna tasted my cum. Karen and Susan swallowed but Joyce spit it out, saying it would upset her stomach.

By the time the regained composure and dressed I was hard again. Joyce and Karen diapered me and told me it was just about time to go. Joyce whispered to Karen, who nodded. They started rubbing my diaper faster and faster until I came a third time for the evening, this time right in the diaper. I was told to go home. When I asked for my shirt Susan said she'd keep it. They gave me back my bag and the bag with the wet diapers in it and let me go.

I was so tired when I got home I just put the diapers in the garbage in the basement and went to bed. The next morning when I got up I noticed all the garbage bags outside, but it wasn't garbage day. I put my housecoat on and went downstairs. My Dad had gone, the only person in the house was Rene, the maid. When I asked what was going, she told me that the garbage smelled so she threw it out. I knew it was my wet diaper but hoped she hadn't found them. "Do you know what was smelling up the garbage so much?" she asked. No, I told her. "It was diapers, wet diapers, and a whole lot of them. Do you know anything about this, David?" I told her no, I had no idea and then I started to go back upstairs because I was still wearing the diaper from last night. Halfway up the stairs Rene told me to wait. When she got to me, she asked if I was wearing a diaper. I told her that was ridiculous, and started up again. She grabbed my robe and pulled, it opened and exposed my diaper. I tried to hide it and cover up but was too late. "I think we'd better talk, OK?" she said. I said OK and tried to close my robe. "Take off the robe for now, I don't want any more trouble from you until I find out what is going on." I gave her the robe quietly and we went upstairs.

"Now why don't you tell me all about it" she demanded. I tried to tell her it was a joke, she didn't believe me "if it was just one diaper, maybe, but I've seen a lot of them, and you wet them." She told me. Then I told her that I couldn't control my bladder, that I'd seen a doctor and he'd told me that it was just nerves and would go away. I continued to tell her that this had been going on for a while and that I had lost my toilet training and couldn't control myself anymore. I begged her not to tell my father, he wouldn't understand. She agreed but told me that she didn't want to see any more diapers in the garbage without tying the bag closed, and she told me that she didn't want to have to wash any pants that I had leaked through, or clean the furniture, or my bed. If she had to do this, then she'd toilet train me herself.

A few days went by and I kept thinking about what she said. I had worn a diaper for those days constantly, this day I wet it again and again, until it leaked out, wetting my pants and the chair in my room. I waited until I knew she was near my room and then tried to sneak to the cleaning closet to get something to clean my chair. She noticed me, but it took a minute to register what I had done. Rene came up to me and felt my pants "you leaked through these didn't you? Did you get anything else wet?" I nodded and said my chair. She got some cleaning stuff went to my room and cleaned it up, it was a vinyl chair so it was easy. "Lie down on the floor. Now" I tried to act like I didn't want this. She grabbed my hand and pushed me down. Then she undid my pants and worked them off, then off came my shirt. "Where are your diapers?" I pointed to the drawer I kept them in. She got one , took off my wet diaper, cleaned me up and put a new diaper on me. "I'm going to keep your diapers and supplies in my room, when you are wet you'll come to me and I'll change you, OK?" I told her she didn't have to but that seemed to anger her. "You will also wear only the diaper when you are at home and your Father is out." What about Heidi, my Dad's fianc‚, she had just moved in. "We're going to have to tell Heidi about it, but don't worry she won't tell your Dad." I knew nobody would tell my Dad, because he'd fire Rene for sure and I knew that if I said something Dad would cancel the wedding with Heidi, so she'd stay quiet.

...I'll finish this account soon, if anyone wants to read it. Let me just say this, I was kept in diapers for the rest of that summer and into the fall. I was diapered and sent to school every day (I took the diapers off in the Subway bathroom every morning and put them back on every evening, and wet them on the way home.)