Life's Events

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Life's Events

When I was eight years old I went to spend the night at my mother's friends house. My mom was going to have a girl's night out with my sisters. This left me with Carla her two boys, and there sister. The other boys were six and four. We had fun playing and screwing around all night. It was great.

Then at about seven thirty Carla yelled out, "Boys time to get ready for bed." We all came upstairs and into the living room. Carla told me that I could just wait here and watch TV. She led the boys back to their room. I sat on the couch and watched some toons. About ten minutes later the four year old came walking out of the room and down the hallway. He was giggling a little bit. The only thing that he had on was a diaper. I was in shock. Then his older brother came out into the living room with a diaper on as well. I could not believe it. I wet the bed at night too but I did not have to be diapered.

I could not stop looking at them walk around in diapers all night. They were both standing at the kitchen counter getting some ice cream. All that they had on were bright white disposable diapers. Their mom made them wear them around the house for hours before bedtime. Finally we went to bed. The boys had their beds and I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I was awoken suddenly. It was Carla. She got me up and walked me to the bathroom. She led me over to the toilet. I had wet my bed. No big surprise I still do two or three times a week. She told me to change out of my dirty clothes. I got down to my underwear and stood there. She said, "Hurry up everything off." I slowly slid my briefs off. Then with me standing there completely naked she opened the closet and pulled out a diaper.

We walked into the living room. It was late so no one was around. She knelt down on the ground and told me to lie down. She put the diaper next to her. I laid down in front of her and stared at her. She straightened out my legs. She then grabbed the diaper and opened it up. I just sat there naked looking at her and thinking, "She is going to put a diaper on me." She set the diaper down again. Then with one hand she grabbed both of my ankles and lifted my legs up. Then she used her other hand to position the diaper under me. She lowered my legs, grabbed both ankles and spread my legs apart. Using both hands she pulled the front of my diaper up nice and snug. She fastened one side and then she fastened the other side. She told me to stand up. We walked back to the bedroom. I crawled into bed. I could not believe that she just diapered me. It felt weird.

I awoke the next morning and my mom was already here. We all came out to the living room. All that we had on were diapers. My mom was surprised but did not say anything. Carla explained the wet bed and my mom understood. Carla was going to bring me back when she remembered that I forgot to bring clean clothes for the morning. My mom said that is OK. Carla offered to use her son's clothes. But my mom said that we were going right home and that she could change me then. "My mom was going to change me!"

We got home. I ran up stairs still wearing only a diaper. My mom yelled, "I will be up in a minute to change you." I sat on my bed thinking how it would be. She came in and told me to come over. She sat down on the ground and I laid down in front of her. She spread my legs out. Then she undid the tapes of my diaper. She pulled down the front of my diaper. Then she brought my legs together and lifted my legs up and pulled the diaper out. She set my legs down and said, "There you go."

That night right before bedtime I was in my room playing when I heard someone come in. It was my mom she was shutting the door behind her. When she turned around I could see that she had a diaper in her hand. I was scared. She knelt down and told me to take my clothes off, that she was going to help me get ready for bed. I told her no way. She said, "I am not asking you too, I am telling you that you are going to wear a diaper to bed." We argued a little but finally I gave in and stripped. She said, "Lay down now." I walked up to my mom naked and lay down in front of her. "This will be much easier for both of us. No more wet beds or dirty laundry." Then just like Carla she began to diaper me. She lifted my legs, slid it under and lowered my legs. Then she pulled up the front of my diaper and taped it shut nice and tight. Then she made me stand up and turn around. Using her fingers she followed the diaper liner to see if it was on good. My mom was now running her hands around my diaper only centimeters from my privates. She turned me to face her. She gave me a stern look, pointed right at my face, and said, "Don't you even think about taking that diaper off."

I woke still in a diaper. I just sat there not knowing what to do. Later my mom came in and removed my dirty diaper. I got dressed and went to school. This nightly ritual went on for years.

When I was eleven my mom came to my room to diaper me. She knelt down and said, "Lets get you ready for bed." Then my older sister came in. My mom told her to have a seat next to her. I froze, "What is she doing here?" My mother said, "I told you that tomorrow I start my night job. Your sister will be helping you get ready at night." I was horrified. We argued for a while but I gave in. My mom told me to take all of my clothes off. I had to do it right in front of my sister. I began removing my clothes. It seemed like it took forever. I got to my underwear and slid them down. My mom and my sister were sitting there watching my every move. I was now naked in front of my mom and my sister.

Mom said, "Lie down now", as she tapped the ground in front of my sister. I slowly walked completely naked up to my sister and lay down. I was so embarrassed. I had to lie there at eleven years old and let my thirteen-year-old sister put a diaper on me. My mom instructed her on every move. She lifted my legs up like a pro. She grabbed the diaper and placed it under me. Then she lowered my legs down onto the diaper. I just lay there while she took control and did the work. Now she pulled my diaper up nice and snug covering me. Then she rubbed my tapes tight. I couldn't believe that my sister had just diapered me. My mom had me stand while she showed my sister how to check for a good fit. Then my sister swatted my butt and said, "Go to bed." I lay there all night thinking how weird it was to be diapered by my sister.