Early Diaper Histories

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Early Diaper Histories

Dave - Who Said Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Who said money isn't everything? It sure is when you have it and are a DL that wants to keep the fetish/fantasy private and eliminate any emotional baggage with a spouse or even girlfriend. Such is my status today.

I have been very fortunate and also made my own good luck with success and while a lot of men in my same position will use call girls to have sexual intercourse on the sly I simply opt to have appointments with those ladies to facilitate my DL yearnings. It's quite simple and very discreet (as I insist on that) to arrange a nice motel room on the beach (cash in advance) and a local call to an escort service. I casually mentioned the first time I called, that my request was perhaps a little unusual in the sense I didn't want sexual intercourse. I was a DL that liked to be put in cloth diapers by middle-aged attractive women and if they had a big chest all the better. The dispatch lady said that wasn't a problem and told me and she had a nice red head that fit the bill to a tee; as she has some experience with the AB/DL scene. That really got the juices flowing for me. We agreed on $100/hr. (2 hrs tops I figured) and set up the meeting for that evening @ 8:00. Sure enough I checked in and waited for the appointed hour to arrive. I did settle my nerves with a few scotches and was very loose when the phone rang in my room; my "date" asking the room # from the lobby. She came right up and I was pleasantly surprised to see a 40 something redhead with sticking features and a beautiful full figure. She gave me a kiss on the check and introduced herself as Diane and I asked her if she would like a scotch, as that was all I could offer. She accepted and sat on the bed and said she was looking forward to making my wishes come true...all I had to do was tell her what I wanted. (She did confirm the rate very nicely and I said no problem). At this point she took off her sweater and was left in a tight skirt and revealing top. As we sipped our drinks she asked me if I was AB or DL or both. I was amazed at her understanding and relieved too. I told her I was mainly a DL that really liked the sensual/sexual feelings of being put in cloth diapers and sometimes-plastic panties. She winked at me and she said all good boys deserve that. With that she asked if I had brought my "stuff" and I reached into the closet and brought out a gym bag. She asked to see it and I handed it to her. I made us both a fresh up on the drinks. She then laid out on the bed my contoured flannel diaper and took the baby oil and powder and put it on the bedside table with the pins, all the while telling me how much men were just little boys that needed to be in diapers from time to time to escape the real world. She also saw how red I was blushing and winked at me and told me to come over and let her take my clothes off.

She then asked me what I wanted her wearing and I told her I wasn't going to have sexual intercourse but if she wanted to just be in her panties I would love that. She then took off her top and bra and slipped out of her skirt revealing a sexy thong. Now it's your turn she said as she undid my belt and pants and unbuttoned my shirt. Sit on the bed and take off your shoes and socks. I was there in my boxers and she saw that I was really aroused. Well it looks as we need to help you get into your diapers now so scoot up on the bed and lay back while Diane gets those big boy pants off and makes you comfy in your diedies. She lifted my legs and told me to raise my butt as she slid my boxers off and put the diaper under me making sure it was positioned properly. I was trembling a little as she spread out my legs and reached for the baby oil while brushing my tummy with her nice breasts. Then I felt her hands with the oil rubbing my inner thighs, stomach and then crotch area. I was moaning with so mush pleasure she just smiled and said you need to relax and let Diane make you a little boy for now. I cried out yes and she kept up a slow massage working her fingers all over and even near my anus. She asked if I liked that and I said yes. I almost came 3 or 4 times and each time she would pull the diaper up between my legs and cover me...not yet she would say. When I got semi flaccid again it would start over. She too liked then to put her chest near my mouth so I could nuzzle and suckle while she stroked me. Finally I begged her to let me cum and she pulled the diaper over my stiffy as I exploded all over my stomach under it. As she pinned them tight she asked now doesn't the good boy feel all better? I was totally exhausted as I glanced at the bedside clock. An hour and 10 min had passed so I asked her to stay for another 50 minutes to make it an even 2 hrs . No problem she said as she patted the front of my diaper. Then she looked back in the gym bag and pulled out my clear plastic panties and said I had to get them on in case I wetted my sticky diapers... after our drinks. Sure I said and she proceeded to put them over my legs and pulled them up. You look so cute. I told her how much I loved the session and wanted to do it again soon. She liked it too because she didn't have to worry about intercourse and liked the DL scene. About twenty minutes later I mentioned I needed to go to the bathroom to pee. Just pee in your diapers I want to change you before I leave OK? Go ahead I am going to get a warm washcloth to clean you up and a new fresh diaper. I let the warm pee flow up on my tummy and down into my crotch and felt the dampness between my legs. She returned and asked if I pee peed. I sheepishly replied yes. Lets go to the shower so we don't get the bed wet OK? Down came the plastic panties and she un pined one side of my soggy diapers as they fell to the shower floor. I stood there with my manhood drooping as she washed me and then dried me off. Let's go my back to the bed and get you in a new diaper. I laid back on the diaper she had put there and she reached for the powder this time. She sprinkled over my lower tummy and crotch area taking care not get me aroused this time; even though she could see my semi hard.

She meticulously finished as the clock approached 2 hrs. She handed me a pair of sweat pants and put on her bra and clothes. I gave her $200 and a $50 tip and a kiss on the check and asked to see her again soon. I would love it she said. I guess so, I thought, at these prices. But what the heck it's nothing to me, and what a great non-threatening DL experience.

Part II

I found myself obsessing with the idea of making another appointment with Diane after the first encounter. I tried to repress my desires but it became all too obvious to me that it was inevitable that I had to call again. The same beach hotel was engaged for our second DL encounter. This time I was much more relaxed and very much looking forward to seeing her again, especially knowing her acceptance of my quirky fetish. I even suspected she relished the opportunity to display an upper hand in her role as a DL enabler.

At the appointed hour of 8 pm the knock on the door was answered with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek.

She looked even better than I remembered. Her auburn hair was cut shoulder length and really accented her soft facial features. She was wearing a mid length beige wrap around skirt with a light blue blouse that really complemented her nice form. I thought to myself what a classy lady. I offered her a scotch and we sat and got reacquainted. She asked if I had again brought my "stuff" and I replied yes. She winked and suggested I bring it to her as she moved towards the bed. She said that she too had brought something this time and it would be a secret for a while. I handed her the gym bag and she took my hand and sat me on the edge of the bed. As she undid my shirt with her right hand she unbuckled my belt with her left. This being the second time I was much more relaxed and she could definitely sense it. I scooted back on the bed so I could lift my bum and she could pull my pants off. There I was in my boxers as she pulled out my contour cloth diaper and baby oil. Even though she knew I wasn't AB she asked if little man wanted to be in his nice comfy didies? I moaned yes and the boxers were pulled off leaving me exposed. I asked her to get comfortable and she took off her blouse, bra and skirt wearing only a beige thong. That was all it took for me to really come to attention. Let's make you nice and relaxed. I let her place the diaper under me as she pushed my inner thighs out to receive the softness of the diaper. She asked me if I wanted her to pour some baby oil on me and gently rub away my troubles. Oh yes! I said as she was now in full stroke and massage mode. It is the most marvelous feeling; even better than intercourse for me. Especially too because she is so good at bring me to the edge of climax and then letting me become semi-flaccid as she softly talks and nuzzles me with her nice breasts. It was at this juncture when she asked me to roll over on my tummy on my diaper so she could let me have her surprise. Being totally trusting I did as she asked. Next thing I knew I could feel her wonderful hands rubbing baby oil over my cheeks and down my crack with her fingers. What a new experience this was as I laid spread-eagled on my diaper rubbing against the softness and feeling her caress. She asked me if I was sensitive as she pulled out a vibrator from her bag and showed it to me. Wow I've not done that before. She told me she was real gentile and I could stop at any time. Sure I said as she grabbed some KY Jelly; turned the vibrator on to its' lowest speed and was running it between my thighs. Raise your cute bum a little and let Diane inside you. I did as she very slowly entered me. Back and forth as I squirmed with pleasure. She knew exactly how to massage my prostate to the extent I was begging for more. My stiffy was so was so big after about 10 minutes and I had to release. Do you want to make cummy diapers now she whispered as I shot all over my diaper and collapsed on it. Then I felt it being pulled up over my behind and the velcro tabs secured. I then rolled over and pulled Diane close to me thanking her for the best sex I had ever had. She smiled and said she was glad I was happy and patted my diapered rear end. I laid there for ten minutes totally spent when the urge to wet came over me. I told Diane I better go to the bathroom but she had me wait until she slipped on my plastic pants and encouraged me to wet. I was soaked in no time and she led me to the bathroom. As I stood there she pulled my plastic pants down and I stepped out of them as she unpinned one side of my diapers and let them fall to the floor. She then got a warm washcloth and began cleaning me asking if I wanted my big boy underwear or preferred another diaper. As if she didn't know....

Joel - My diaper history

I started becoming interested in diapers right after I had left them. When my sister was about 3, she was out of diapers. However, we used to take this blankets, tie them around us, and call them 'diapers'. I did that for a couple years after she stopped... or stopped to my knowledge. After I stopped that, my interest wouldn't be rekindled for some time.

When I was about 10 or 11, we got new neighbors. They had a daughter my age and a son one and a half years older than me. I remember being over there almost as much as I was at my house. In fact, the neighbor boy (we'll call him 'Andy') and I both considered each others' houses our own (I still often walk in without knocking over there).

Andy was always shorter than I was, in fact, he's still about 6 inches shorter. He also weighs a lot less, perhaps even 70-80 pounds. As far as I know, he never wet the bed or anything. His sister did say that he wet a sleeping bag a lot, but I never did believe her. I figured she was angry at him for something.

Anyway, about 2 years after they moved in, I was sleeping over one night. I randomly asked Andy something about diapers. It's a shame I don't remember what it was. He responded, and I think we went to sleep. I believe I started asking diaper questions more and more as we had more sleepovers. If I'm not mistaken, diapers became the only "sleep-talk" topic.

One day, we decided to bike up to the local grocery store and buy some. Sadly, we didn't have the courage to buy real diapers (at age 13, I believe I was. I think Andy was age 14.), so we bought some Goodnites. I was lucky to even fit in them, we got a medium size pack. I was about 180 pounds at the time, so you can imagine... However, they weren't as gratifying as I'd hoped. They didn't feel like much, so I started wetting them to get rid of them. Andy's actually lucky I took his last one and did this before he went to his dad's place. His mom cleaned out his closet when he was gone. I suppose I was even lucky I did the same, because when I went to California later in August, my mom did the same.

When I helped a friend babysit, I would take his little cousins Pull-Ups and use them. Although they didn't fit, there was still a very thing string that stayed connected at the top of the Pull-Up, so I was fine. I didn't help babysit as much I could've/wanted to.

Well, after that, it was about another year before I had diapers of any sort. One day, I had a random longing for one. So I decided to do something about it. I didn't have enough money for the real thing, being the clever bastard that I am, started making one. No no, not the classic towel one. I was actually making one. I took paper towels, and some packaging tape (the clear, really adhesive stuff), and started forming a diaper shell. After it was about halfway done, I showed it to Andy. Andy started making one, of course. I used Velcro for the 'tapes', and more paper towels for the 'pad'. It was actually quite comfortable, excepting that it dug into my loins every now and then. That thing actually lasted through about 50 wettings before I decided to kill it. I only decided that when it had begun the molding process.

I'm sure my mom found it on multiple occasions. She found a few drawings I did one night while I couldn't sleep. She also found some files from the internet (>_>;). Mom has yet to confront me about all the stuff. Although, she did tell me to kill the files from the internet. I did. However, I just hid them better the rest of the times. She killed the drawings on her own.

We fast forward to today now. I'm 15 and Andy's 17. I recently had him drive me up to a drug store to buy diapers (yes, real ones this time). His friend called him right when he got in the drugstore, but I went back to the diaper section. I found Depends overnight "fitted briefs." There was almost nobody there, excepting the two cashiers. It was about 6 o'clock in the evening, and it was a Saturday. I find this is a great time to buy them. There was a boy about my age there, and that worried me for a moment. However, I quickly summoned the courage and said to Andy 'screw him'. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Andy told his friend that lived like a block away from the drugstore that we were there. I knew that his friend gets bored easily. So I knew I had to be quick. I quickly took the Depends to the counter, and sort of silently laughed because that horrible kid who sat there was too interested in his magazine to realize that I was even there, much less buying diapers. And! y said he recognized the girl from school. (Oh GREAT, I thought. -_-;)

I still bought them like they were a greeting card. She rang them up (I know I turned red, but I was sunburned from my sister's birthday party that day), and asked if I wanted a bag for them. I sort of shrugged and coolly said 'sure'. I made sure to hustle to Andy's car after leaving.

Anyway, we brought them back to his house, and I was excited to try them. I went to ask if I could sleep over (the answer is almost never 'no'), and as I was bringing my pillows and sleeping bag back to Andy's, his friend pulled into the driveway. He said he had looked for Andy and I at the drugstore (I KNEW IT!), and that he ended up at Andy's randomly. "UGH," I thought. So we went inside and I told him he should probably leave at 8:10 so he could watch his favorite anime. He thought this was suitable. So we watched Andy play Tenchu: Wrath of Darkness for about an hour, then they played Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. Andy's friend ended up leaving at about 8:15. We went down and watched TV. for a half hour, then went up to bed.

I took one immediately and threw it in my sleeping bag for wear. I found that it was impossible to tape up without seeing what I was doing. Then after I could see, I found it impossible to tape up anyway. So I just taped it up and slid it up, pull-up style (hey, it's better than not wearing one at all). I wet it a lot to see what it could do (there was even some that I don't remember wetting. >_>;). Anyway, I found that it had leaked while I was half-asleep. When Andy left at about 3:30 A.M. (he has a really early job at a golf course), I took it off and moved to his bed (after putting on boxers, of course). It was REALLY painful sleeping on the floor ;_;. I slept until about 10. Andy supposedly came back around 7:30 because it was a tournament day. It was about 11:30 when I went home. I left a Depend in the care of Andy hoping that he'd wear it.

I went to Andy's the next day, asking if he'd worn it yet. He replied - to my dismay - with a 'no'. I went back home later, I think he came over. He didn't wear one, but I was wearing one while he was over. I changed out a couple times due to paranoia of my parents coming home and finding me in just a diaper, no less, and finding Andy there with me. That would not be good.

The day after the one described in the previous paragraph (which is also today; or the day that I wrote this), nobody was home. My sister had slept over somewhere, dad's always out too early for me to care, and mom left after the dog wouldn't leave my room. I took a shower with my diaper (the one I wore the previous night, I wet it in the morning in case my mom found it [then I could have an excuse]). Boy, was that an odd shower. I let water balloon my diaper up to bigger than my torso. It was quite thick and heavy. Of course, the crystals popped out and as such, it wasn't usable again, even so, it was great fun. After that, I took a dry diaper, and tried to tape it up normally (since I'd been putting them on pull-up style), and succeeded! It felt really good. As I write now, I'm in that dry diaper.

I haven't been using any boxers since about 9 o'clock last night, so that makes this a new diaper record. So far, 13 hours straight of diaper wearing. Oh, it's good to be me. I'm going to see if I can go 24 hours, even when people are home.

Davee - My Story

So... I said I'd tell you all about it, and here it starts.

Pretty much everyone that meets me says that I'm either a cartoon character, or more often, "such a little kid". I would tend to agree with that. I refuse to grow up. Not that I'm socially retarded, or unable to cope with the adult world, mind you, I'm just one of those people whose inner child has free reign.

As long as I can recall, I've been an infantilist. I've pretty much known all my "peculiarities" all my life.

I didn't have one of those twisted lives where my parents forced me into diapers for bedwetting, or kept me as a baby until I was 18, or anything like that. In fact, I've only wet the bed once in my life, and it was actually when I was 15, and it wasn't even my bed! (Explaining that on a date is quite an experience actually. Or so they tell me. I never did tell him about that.)

It started when I was 5. For no apparent reason, it popped into my mind that I wanted to wear diapers. I don't know why. Maybe it's that I potty trained early. (Parents should learn that there's always a price... Ya train 'em early, and they wind up back in diapers!)At any rate, I wanted them. So I did what any normal 5-year-old would do, and I asked my parents.

I'm only now starting to realize that my parents aren't all that normal either. Did they freak out and scream NO NO NO? Did they send me to a shrink? No... they weren't very concerned, really, and they bought me a pack of Huggies. In the purple package. I still remember everything about them... So I got my Huggies, and I had my dad diaper me, and I got into my yellow footie pajamas, and that was that. I quite liked them, and I went through an entire pack. I even wet them. I didn't want it to end... The last one that I wet I saved. I tried keeping it so I could use it again, but my mom found it and made me throw it out. Oh well. That was that. Or so they thought.

Having found something I enjoyed a lot, I wasn't about to give it up, so I went searching for a substitute. Plastic bags went some way toward it, but weren't quite enough. Fluffy blankets, towels, anything that would wrap around me the right way. I tried everything. My parents, being the economic people that they were, had kept some unopened boxes of Curity cloth diapers, which I found in the back of a closet. Joy! I played with those for a while, even though they weren't quite my size.

Then, when I was 9, my parents gave me what I'd asked for for years... A baby sister! Not that that was without its problems... I lost my mom's lap for 9 months, and lost half my bedroom for a while as well. OH well... what I lost that way, I gained in others. She got a diaper service. Still not quite my size, but hey, you make do with what ya got. And what I got from that was an endless supply of clean diapers, with that diaper service scent! And some plastic pants. Not a bad deal really, once she moved out of my room. Alas, all too soon, she potty-trained, and my supply was cut off once again.

Diaperless for two years, until 6th grade. Then, while reading one of my mom's Family Circle magazines, and cutting out Underoos (God, I miss my Underoos!) ads, I ran across an ad for Attends. After having scoured JCPenney catalogs, I knew what incontinence products were, so I made use of Procter & Gamble's gracious offer of a free sample to anyone who called the 800 number. And I did. Under SO many different names... At any rate, I wound up with something that fit me REALLY well, and was fun to order for people who didn't want them. (Many an afternoon was spent ordering free samples for other people. What a waste. They probably just threw them out.)

Attends, of course, were also available at the local drugstore, just a block and a half from my house. But I couldn't buy a whole pack -- too obvious. Depends were there too, and at one point, they sold trial packs. Two size small "briefs" for 99 cents! What a deal! I started spending my allowance money on those. I bought so many, in fact, that the pharmacist pointed out that it would be cheaper for me to buy the big pack. That was pretty traumatic. But he did have a point. So, I worked up the courage to buy my first real pack of Attends. They came in boxes at that time... I ran home with them, hoping nobody saw me, dumped all my legos out of the large cardboard box they were in, and voila! A perfect hiding spot for my treasure.

Being one of those people who's just the teeniest bit obsessive, I amassed large numbers of pacifiers, plastic pants, and of course, my Attends. Which I kept. I went through various periods every couple months where I'd decide that was twisted, and not do anything with them, or even throw some stuff out. And then I'd go back and do it all again. This lasted for a while, like most of age 12-14. Not that I ever gave it up completely. I cycled. One month no diapers. The next month, the life of the mind.

Diapered, in a high chair, (my family never throws anything out) with me tied into it, forced into it, of course, by the kidnappers who had grabbed me on my way home from school. Quite an active imagination and an incredible fantasy life. I knew all the details of where I'd get kidnapped, and who with (usually one of my cuter friends), and how we'd get tied up, and have pacifiers strapped into our mouths, and be forced to be helpless babies...

Not that any of that actually happened, though... Neither myself nor any of my friends were ever kidnapped, fortunately, since I doubt it would have had the outcome I wanted. I did get tied up by friends a LOT... since age 6, probably hundreds of times. And one or two of them even knew I liked diapers. I made a videotape showing and telling one friend about it. None of them shared my interest, though.

Point: Being different is hard. At this point in my life, I was having enough trouble coming to grips with being gay, let alone being a total pervert sicko. I read that total waste of trees "Everything you always wanted to know about sex". That did NOT help me in any way. Not only was I deviant sexually, but being gay, I was also doomed to a life without love, and with only my twisted fantasies for companionship. If I ever meet "Dr. David Reuben, the new apostle of sanity in sex"... I can't finish that sentence for fear of breaking federal regulations on threats via electronic communications. At this point, I became depressed for a year... I didn't eat much or do much. I slept a lot.

Then, I discovered that I wasn't alone. Not the only gay in the world, and certainly not the only diaper person either. On Compuserve, there's a forum for discussion of Adult Baby stuff, and I spent a lot of time there. ($1,206 worth of time in one month) This actually helped tremendously! Thus began my 15th year...

15. I was out (gay), I was happy, and I was dating. And I decided that yeah, I was still into diapers. So I told my boyfriend. And he was pretty cool with it! We went out and bought some Attends, and we had a lot of fun. So I was saved. I didn't think that I needed to give up the things that make me happy in order to lead a normal life.

I think I shall be a Diaper Ambassador.All my friends know that I like them, and wear them, and nobody's really too freaked out, at least not to my face. I do hear occasionally that people ask my ex if "Dave's really into that stuff?" but on the whole, it's pretty okay. And of course, it's a lot of fun when somebody who doesn't know says something like "you're being a baby." Or when a diaper commercial comes on, cuz everybody lets me watch them. I get jealous... kids get the coolest diapers...

I have introduced a couple people to diapers, who actually like them! I used to run a BBS, mostly out of boredom, but it worked out pretty well in a few instances...

Brief sub-story:

Once, a friend, who knew I was into bondage and stuff, and was into that too, logged on to my BBS, and asked if I recommended any files or anything. I pointed him to one of my favorite porno stories, and he liked it a lot... It's got both bondage and diapers in it, so I didn't know how he'd feel about it. But then, he was over at my house, looking through my files, and ran across a directory called ABABY and asked "so what's that, pictures of babies?" I said "no, at least not chronologically." He looked through them, and his eyes got real wide, and he told me how he'd liked the story, because he'd always wanted to wear diapers, but never had. I showed him all kinds of stuff, catalogs for baby wear, and toys, and diapers, and all, and we went for a walk, and I opened my pants and showed him the diaper I was wearing, and I have never seen someone so stunned... It was great! Long story short (too late), he loved it, and now he's "into it", and that's a happy ending.

Since that ended happily, I think I'll end this whole thing. Now you know.


Joey Jamison - My diaper history

I'm 26 now but I guess my story started a long time ago and is like a lot of others here. I had been toilet trained somewhat late, (at age 5) for daytime but still had occasional nighttime wetting accidents (3 or 4 a month) until I was 7½, and then the problem started getting much worse. When it turned into a 4 or 5 times a week thing, my mother decided that was enough and I was carted off to the doctor's for an examination. It disclosed nothing wrong except that I was a bedwetting kid and would probably grow out of it sooner or later. I didn't know then it would be later. I was made to have rubber sheets on my bed anyhow, but just a few days later, my mother informed me that she was tired of changing my wet bedding and pajamas every morning and I was not getting any better, so I was going to be put back in diapers at night until I stopped. At first, I didn't know quite how to react. I have always been fascinated with diapers. When we would have friends over and they had smaller children with them, I would always love standing nearby and watching them get changed. It was just so exciting to see this happen, looking intently as the mothers would take down their infant's pants, remove the soiled or wet diaper and put a clean one on them. I remember thinking sometimes that I wished it was me. But suddenly, I had to endure the consummate disgrace for a kid: I WAS A BEDWETTER!!! In any event, at age 7½, there's not much you can do except to go along with it. Even though I had been fascinated with diapers, I wasn't ready for this because I felt that being forced back into them due to bedwetting was a huge comedown. I wasn't bedwetting on purpose. My mother was not an advocate of disposable diapers. She thought they were unreasonably expensive and wasteful, so I spent my first 5 years in traditional cloth and rubber pants. At age 5, I was still day wetting and she decided to take steps to get me toilet trained on my own so I could begin kindergarten. For the proceeding 4 weeks before school began, during the day, I was taken to the bathroom on an hourly basis, diapers and pants pulled down and then made to sit on the toilet for 5 minutes, whether anything came out or not. After about 1 week of this, I finally began to get the message and started to tell her when I needed to go. A few days later, she moved me into training pants and 2 weeks after that, I began kindergarten with no real incidents or problems. I was still nowhere near being dry at night and wore diapers at bedtime for another year.

I can still vividly remember the first night. Thinking I might make a big fuss, my dad was in my room at bedtime to assist. When they called me into the room to get ready for bed, mom was sitting on my bed, holding a cloth diaper and pins along with a pair of white plastic pants. My dad then told me that he used to wet his bed too when he was my age and that did help a little. Mom made me get undressed, including my underpants, and lifted me up onto the bed. I recall not being in the best of moods. She told me to lay down and then lift myself up, and when I did, she slipped the diaper under me and then pulled it up between my legs and pinned it into place. Next came the plastic pants. She slipped them over my feet and legs and pulled them up over my diaper. I remember asking her that if I had to wear diapers and pants to bed, did I really have to have rubber sheets too and she said yes because if the plastic pants leak, she didn't want me ruining the mattress. I then got my PJs put on and was tucked in. After the 2 of them kissed me goodnight, they told me I was not being punished and as soon as I stopped wetting, they would take the diapers off me and not to worry about it, no one else was going to know. They turned off the light, but I remember laying there in the dark, clutching my favorite stuffed rabbit doll, almost crying and thinking: I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I JUST GOT PUT BACK IN DIAPERS!

The following morning, mom woke me up and I remember, although I was almost crying the night before, I did get a good night's sleep. I had wet again during the night and the diapers were soaked, but they worked. I remember her saying that she was happy because at least I didn't wet my bed. The next night was a bit easier as I knew what was going to happen and within only a few days, I had accepted the situation. My diapers were now consistently wet almost every morning. Over the next few months, I would also feel better at night because I knew the sheets and blankets wouldn't be drenched when I woke up. It's not easy for a bedwetting kid. I remember a few times waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning, peeing like crazy and being totally unable to stop until my bladder had completely emptied. I guess not being fully awake might be the cause, but it was then I was very glad to be wearing rubber pants. Other times, I would wake maybe 15 minutes before mom would get me up for school anyhow and didn't feel like getting her up to take down the diapers (I was told to do this. If I awoke and needed to go to the bathroom, I was supposed to get mom or dad to help). Instead, most of the time, it was easier to just fill the diaper. When mom came in to get me up and change me, my pants were soaked. But since this is what she was expecting to see anyway and the bedding was otherwise dry, I got away with it. She didn't know I had wet on purpose. I must have done it 100 times!

Part 2

We lived in 2 different apartments in central New Jersey until I was 9 years old and then dad got transferred and we moved into a house in Bergen County. In the second apartment, (ages 6-9) which was actually a condo, we had neighbors across the street who we got to know fairly well. Janice Brewer was divorced and had 2 boys. Billy was my age and there was a younger brother, Greggie who was about 3 months old when we met them. Although Billy and I were good friends and played together all the time, he was a little strange with some of the things he did and could be unbelievably babyish and immature. Once, he grabbed his brother's bottle from him and began drinking from it himself. Another time, I saw him take Greg's pacifier directly from his mouth and started chewing on it. On yet another occasion, Billy and I were playing outside when he suddenly jumped up, yelled "oops" and quickly ran inside. As he was running, I could see that he had just wet his pants. And unknown to me at the time, Billy also wet his bed and was diapered at night (just like me) to keep him from peeing his sheets and ruining the mattress. Mom and I found out about it one day. We were over their place in the living room as Janice was grabbing a big load of clean laundry from the dryer. When she walked through the living room, a pair of large plastic pants fell from the heap of clothes she was carrying, onto the floor and mom picked them up. They were much too big to be Greggie's and mom asked Janice if she had a bedwetting kid too. Janice said "Yes, they're Billy's and he's never had a dry night in his life". Mom had been fairly good at keeping my bedwetting a secret, but since Janice had just told about Billy, she gave her all the soggy details about me. I was pretending to be watching TV, but then got red faced. I remember mom asking where she got Billy's diapers. Janice said she had diaper service mostly for Greggie, but they could get any size you needed. When I was put back into diapers for bedwetting, I was actually wearing large baby stuff and even though it fit fairly well at the time, (I was small for my age) it was starting to get a bit tight. A few days later, Janice called over to our place to tell mom the man from the diaper service was there. She went over to talk to him and he came back a few days later with about 2 dozen larger cloth diapers and 10 pairs of big kids plastic pants for me. I remember seeing him at the front door handing mom all the stuff and then he looked at me like he was thinking "Well, I guess he's another one".

Due to my bedwetting problem, I never did much in the way of sleepovers, but one Saturday, mom asked if I wanted to do one with Billy. She and dad were going out for the evening and said Janice would baby-sit for me. She said that since Billy and I both wore diapers at night (along with Greggie), neither of us should be embarrassed and I could stay the night at their place. I had never actually seen Billy in diapers, but since his mom said he wore them too, I wasn't so afraid. I think we were both 8 or 9 at the time. Half an hour before leaving, mom called me into my bedroom and told me that she was going to put my diapers on me now and after making me go to the bathroom, had me get undressed. As she finished pinning me, she asked if I wanted my rubber pants on now or later, if later, Janice would put them on me. I said now was OK, so I was put in them. She told me that if I needed to go to the bathroom before bedtime, to tell Janice and she would take my diapers down. She also told me that although Janice would have extra underwear for me, not to wet the diapers before bed. When I didn't reply, she got more stern with me: "Don't wet your pants before bed!". She put my PJs on me along with my shoes and we went across the street. She handed Janice the bag with my extra night clothes, but said I probably wouldn't need them as I usually just sleep through and then she kissed me and left for the night. Billy saw me and was staring at my PJs like he knew I already had diapers on. It wasn't hard to tell, they really made my PJs stick out and the plastic pants made noise when I walked and the elastic band was visible. He asked if I wanted to see his bedroom and I said OK, so we went in there. He pointed at his bed (which was much bigger than mine) and said, "It's got rubber sheets on it" and I told him mine did, too. Janice came into the room with my extra stuff and Billy said, "Joey wants to see the rubber sheets." I really hadn't said that, but Janice lifted up the regular bed sheet anyhow to show me a big vinyl plastic sheet covering the entire mattress. Billy asked to have his diapers on now too, so Janice made him get up on the bed and I just watched, almost totally stunned that I was not the only kid in the world who wet his bed. She began taking off his clothes and then got a cloth diaper from the chest of drawers. As she was removing his underpants, I could see that Billy had an erection. I had never seen another boy with an erection before (I had some myself and didn't know why it would do that), but Billy's penis was standing straight up and he was giggling like he was really enjoying what was going on. Janice just seemed to ignore it and pinned the diaper on him. Then she put him in a pair of rubber pants along with his PJs. I was shocked at what happened next. She asked him if he wanted his Binky and he said, "Yes" and she went over to another drawer, opened it and took out a pacifier and poked it into his mouth. Then she asked me if I wanted one, too. I didn't know what to say. I used to have one and liked it, but mom threw it out when I was about 6. I was a bit reluctant, but said yes and Janice reached back into the drawer, took out another and put it into my mouth. I just couldn't believe it, two 8 (almost 9) year old bedwetting boys, both in diapers and pants, chewing on pacifiers.

I guess that because I was an only kid, it made seeing things for the first time all that much more strange but Billy and I were playing on the floor when Janice left the room and returned with Greggie a few minutes later. He was around 2 years old at the time. She sat down on the bed and as we watched, she removed her blouse and then took off her bra and let Greggie suckle her for about 10 minutes. I had never seen a baby nursing before. She finally put Greggie back in his crib and returned still topless to Billy's room. Billy came over to her and asked "Mommy, can I drink?" and Janice said yes and she sat down on the bed again. Billy leaned over and while he was standing up, started suckling her breasts for around 5 minutes as she hugged him. I just stood there beside myself, not knowing what to think. She then put her clothes back on and left the room. Around 10 PM, she returned and tucked us in for the night. Billy and I were sleeping in the same bed as it was fairly large and had waterproof sheeting on it. Just a few minutes after turning off the light, Billy rolled over and said "Hey Joey, guess what?" I said "What?" and he suddenly began kissing me. It was really weird. I told him to stop, but just them, Janice heard us making noise and came in the room, told us to go to sleep and then left.

We woke up the next morning at around 9 AM. Billy got up first and jumped out of bed. Before I did, I first ran my hand over my PJs to feel my plastic pants and knew right away I had wet. Billy took off his pajama bottoms, but I could see through his plastic pants and he was dry. He apparently needed to go to the bathroom, but was too lazy to get his mom to help. As I mentioned, he could really be babyish at times. He said "Hey Joey, look at me!" While I was looking at him, he started peeing into the diaper and completely soaked it and was once again laughing about it. Shortly, his mom came into the room and told us it was time to get up. She asked if we were wet and both of us answered yes. She then started to change Billy, seeing his wet diaper, not knowing he went through the entire night dry, but instead peed his pants on purpose after he had gotten up. She made him lie down on a changing pad, took off his wet rubber pants and diaper and then put them into the pail. After wiping him off, she put a pair of white cotton training pants on him, instead of his regular underpants. She brought Greggie in next and put him down on the pad as I watched intently. Greggie was wearing Pampers and his diaper was wet and dirty and he needed a real cleanup. He also stunk really bad. I was next. Janice opened the bag of extra clothes, but then noticed that mom had forgotten to put my daytime underwear in it. Janice said the only thing she could do was to just change my wet diaper with a dry one and said to lie down on the pad. I did and she asked if I was dirty. I told her no and she pulled down my PJ bottoms along with the rubber pants. She unpinned the wet diaper and told me to lift up. When I did, she pulled off the wet one and replaced it with a dry one, pinned it in place and then pulled my rubber pants back up along with the PJ bottoms. She put my wet diaper into a plastic bag and then into the extra clothes bag. About 20 minutes later, mom came over and took me home. While undressing me back in my room, she noticed my diaper was dry and I told her that Janice had just changed me.

Another time, dad was out of town on a business trip. Mom and Janice decided to go out for the evening to a movie and they got us a baby sitter, a teenage girl named Donna who lived nearby. We went over to the Brewer's place (with me already in diapers and PJs) just as Donna was arriving. Before leaving, I remember Janice telling her that Billy and I still wet at night, but we both wore diapers and already had them on. She had just changed Greggie, but said to be sure and check all 3 of us before bedtime. I was always embarrassed beyond words when anyone else found out about my bedwetting, but Billy was romping around the living room in just a T-shirt and socks, a diaper and a pair of plastic pants, not caring at all who might see him. Mom and Janice then left and we went into the living room to watch TV. After a little while, there was suddenly a very bad smell present and attention immediately turned to Greggie. Billy quickly said, "I think Greggie just pooped." Donna went over and picked him up and then took him to his room as Billy and I closely followed. I knew I was probably going to get to see another diaper change and despite the fact that I was also wearing one at the moment, relished the thought. Donna put Greggie down on the changing table and started undressing him. I just stood there, totally captivated and enthralled. As she opened his diaper, Greggie started peeing and she had to quickly pull it back in place to keep him from spraying all over the room. She asked Billy where his mom kept the diapers and Billy quickly got her a clean one. Greggie had really let go and filled his pants. Donna was busy for the next 10 minutes mopping up his BM. Once again the room really stunk. She finally got the clean diaper on him, dressed him and we returned to watch TV. At 9:30, we got chased off to bed. Donna put Greggie in his crib and Billy and I went into his room. I climbed into bed, but Donna then came in and told me to pull down my PJs. She put her hand down my diaper to check it, but I was dry. I looked over at Billy and could see through his plastic pants and once again, he had peed in them before bedtime. I had done that once before at home and mom got mad at me for it. Donna remarked what a couple of big babies she thought we were. She just couldn't believe that 2 boys our ages still wet their beds and needed diapers at night. She told Billy to lie down, took down his rubber pants and removed his wet diaper. Just like the last time, I could see that he had a real boner and was giggling the whole time. Donna gave him a disgruntled look and quickly pinned a dry diaper on him. I think he really enjoyed wetting. When she finished diapering him, she told us both to go to sleep and then turned off the light.

After we had moved to northern New Jersey, the Brewers came to see us a couple times for day visits, but I remember around Christmas one year, mom said she got a card from Janice. She had remarried and moved to Pittsburgh with the boys and we never did see them again.

Part 3

As I mentioned, I was always humiliated beyond words when others found out about my bedwetting and diapers. Most of the time, I was able to conceal it, but for as long I wore them, it was inevitable that sooner or later someone else would find out and I can vividly recall several incidents when other people discovered my secret.

CAUGHT!: The Davis kids

Soon after I turned 9, we moved from the condo to a house in northern New Jersey. We had some neighbors who lived behind us, the Davis family and they had 2 boys, Barry and Bobby. Barry was around 16 and Bobby about 12. We didn't have a dryer at the time so after washing my bed clothes, mom used them hang out on the line to dry. I never really thought much about it, except one day I was playing in the back yard. Barry and Bobby were in their yard (which was directly behind ours) and I went over to talk to them. Barry always seemed to be a smart ass anyhow, and when they saw all my stuff hanging on the line, he asked me if I had any brothers or sisters. I told them no, I was an only kid. Barry then wanted to know how come, if I was an only kid, there were diapers and rubber pants hanging on our clothesline. OH, NO! I was caught! Suddenly, they knew my secret. There was no one else to blame it on and I quickly turned beet red and just walked away almost crying. A few months later, I was walking down their street and they were both standing in the driveway talking with another kid who was sitting on a bicycle. I was on the other side of the street as I went by their house, but Barry saw me, turned to the other kid and said something to him. Suddenly, all 3 of them looked in my direction and started laughing. Even though I couldn't hear what was said, I think Barry had just blabbed about me.

CAUGHT!: My cousin Davey sees me in diapers

When I was about 10, we were over my aunt and uncle's place one Sunday afternoon and we usually stayed late. I have 2 cousins, Davey who was 12 at the time and his sister Kitty who was 9. It was late and we were getting ready to leave. Mom had brought my bed clothes along (diapers included) in a brown bag because we lived about an hour away and I would usually fall asleep in the car during the ride home. Mom went out to the car to get my stuff and when she returned, she asked my aunt if we could use one of the bedrooms to put my PJs on me and my aunt said it was OK to use Davey's. We went in and closed the door. She had me take off all my clothes and then pinned my diaper on me. She handed me my rubber pants and as I was stepping into them, Davey just suddenly walked into the room, and there I was, standing there, wearing nothing but a diaper and a pair of rubber pants. He stood there for a few seconds, totally stunned I think, said "sorry" and left as fast as he came in. Once again, I turned as red as a beet in my total embarrassment just as my aunt walked by. She knew about my bedwetting, saw what had just happened and told us she would talk to Davey and make sure he didn't tell anyone else about it. The next time we were there though, he gave me some really strange looks.

CAUGHT!: The Richardsons

I think I was also around 10 and remember it being summer time. Because it was warmer, I slept in just a diaper, pants and a T-shirt. One morning, I woke up a little later than normal. I was wet (as usual) and went downstairs to get mom to help change me. I didn't know that 2 of our neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Richardson were also in the house and as I ran into the kitchen, I suddenly saw mom and them sitting at the table. They turned and looked at me standing there in a wet diaper and plastic pants and I don't know who was more surprised to see who. Once again, I turned red with embarrassment and quickly ran back upstairs to hide until they left.

CAUGHT!: The baby sitter

I was around 11 and Mom and dad were going out again one night, so they got a neighbor to look after me. Her name was Verna Howard. She lived across the street and was in her middle 40s I think. Her kids were grown up and had moved out. Mom had already put my diapers and PJs on me when she arrived at our house, but apparently Verna didn't know that I wasn't toilet trained at night. When mom and dad left, she and I went into the living room to watch TV. She kept looking at me strangely and finally when I got up and walked by her, she stopped me and pulled the back of my PJ bottoms open for a look at what was in there. I think she was absolutely stunned to see me in a diaper and plastic pants. She asked "How old are you?" and I told her 11. She asked wasn't I a bit big to still be wearing diapers? I told her I had to because of bedwetting and once again turned red. I recall her saying "Well, I think you're the first boy your age I've ever met who can't stay dry at night."

Part 4

My bedwetting and diaper wearing went on for years. Around age 11, I learned how to fold them and handle the pins without stabbing myself. Mom would often check up on me, but just before bedtime, I would place the folded diaper on my bed, lie down on it, pull it into place and pin it. The rubber pants were easy to do. In the morning, I could get them off and put into the pail without any problem.

Even though I was in diapers at night, I still had some daytime wetting problems. One day after school when I was about 10, I was home watching TV. I was somewhat tired and lay down on the living room couch and then fell asleep. Half an hour later, I suddenly woke up as my mother was shaking me and yelling. I had just peed my pants along with the couch. She quickly got a towel in an attempt to sop up my wet mess, but it didn't work very well as she pulled the cushions out of their casings to keep them from getting stained any further. This was the only real time I ever got punished for a wetting accident. It cost $45 to get the couch and cushions cleaned and I thought I would never hear the end of it. For the next 2 years, I was not allowed on the furniture unless I was fully diapered and had a rubber sheet under me.

When I was 13, almost 14, I began waking up with dry pants more often and told mom about it. After about 2 months of consistently dry diapers in the morning, the bedwetting had basically stopped and I was allowed to start wearing regular underwear at night, but mom made me keep the rubber sheets until I was almost 18. It was actually a good decision. My last major bedwetting accident occurred when I was 15. I think I drank too much pop the night before, but remember waking up at around 3 AM, ABSOLUTELY FLOATING! I had to get mom to help me and remember her saying that she hoped I wasn't starting in with this again. I must have peed a gallon as my underwear (shirt included), both PJ halves, the sheets, mattress cover, 2 pillows and a blanket were drenched. Fortunately, the rubber sheets kept me from trashing the mattress too. I can't recall ever having an accident like that!

My bedwetting basically stopped around the onset of puberty, but I began noticing strange things happening to me. Instead of thinking about girls, I was thinking about diapers all the time. A few months after I finally stopped wetting, mom packed up the diapers and gave them away, but my thoughts about them just wouldn't quit. Actually they were getting stronger. One day, I was over at a friend's house. He had a 2½ year old brother who was not yet toilet trained. We were down in the basement where his mother had the younger brother's underwear items hanging up to dry. I absolutely couldn't control myself when I saw the stuff and when no one else was looking, I grabbed a pair of the plastic pants and stuffed them into my pocket, hoping I wouldn't be seen. I got away with it. When I returned home, I quickly went to my room to try them on, but they were much too small. Even though I couldn't quite fit in them, I recall being incredibly excited and although I didn't know why at the time, it made my penis stick straight up.

We lived near a shopping mall and I used to love going through one of the larger stores there because they had a well stocked baby department and a display case filled with plastic pants of all kinds. I would always make sure to sneak a peek at them whenever we were there. Not long afterwards, I went by myself to another local discount store near our house, As I was walking by the baby items, I saw packs of plastic pants for sale. I stopped to look at them and noticed they also had them in larger sizes. I didn't have any money with me, but returned a few days later with the required $2.98, bought the largest size they had and sneaked back to the house with them. Once again, I almost couldn't control myself. Later, when no one else was home, I tried them on and even though I weighed almost 100 lbs at the time, I could still get in them.

Up until high school, I was bewildered by the ever increasing frequency of the erections or why it even happened at all, but other than just getting hard and excited, it didn't really go any further. Then one day in sex ed class, we were shown a rather explicit film on the subject. I think I was 16 or 17 at the time. I came home from school that afternoon. Mom was out and dad was still at work. While in my room, an uncontrollable urge came over me and I remember removing my pants and then laying down on the bed. I turned over on my stomach and began humping the mattress and after a minute or two, shot off for the first time. It was an unbelievably good feeling. Since I didn't know what was going to happen beforehand, I managed to come all over the sheets. I mopped up some of it, but it left a small stain and I hoped mom wouldn't see it. The next time, I first put a clean sock over my penis to contain the explosion and it actually worked fairly well. Soon, I started doing it while clutching or wearing the plastic pants and found it was even more exciting.