Jimmy's Diaper Adventures

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Jimmy's Diaper Adventures

Summary: A collection of stories that are a blend of truth with some fiction sprinkled in to fill in the boring parts.

This notice or one like it, is at the beginning of all of "Jimmy's Diaper Adventures" by Jimmy Goodheart:

I wanted to write some true accounts stories of some amazing (IMO) and interesting (again IMO) things that have happened to me, or around me involving diapers. However I don't feel right claiming something is true when I can not recall events perfectly. I may write dialog that is similar but not exactly what was said, or may remember a incident slightly different then what may have actually occurred. (For examples a white diaper may have been blue, or what I thought was a ten year old may have been 12.)

So rather then always adding in boring text to clarify, worrying about whether those shoes were black or gray, I just call it all fiction or hybrid. Also, by calling it all fiction it leaves me the liberty to change some details if I feel I want to. In writing this 'warning' the first time I decided I may want to write some completely fictional stories. I'll place this 'warning' (or one like it) at the beginning of all my stories. So the fallowing is a possible hybrid of a real event or a complete fiction. For fun I'll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

While Shopping at Wal-Mart

While shopping at Wal-Mart I wasn't wearing a diaper and had to use the restroom. When I went through the door into the men's room I was pleasantly shocked to discover a young boy of about seven sitting on top of the diaper dispenser/changing table at Wal-Mart with his underwear and pants crumpled up just over his tennis shoes and around his ankles. The boys older brother (I'm guessing because I saw some family resemblance in the two boys, and by comments made by them.) was unwrapping the package the dispenser gives diapers and other baby supplies from the dispenser.

The older boy glanced up at me for a moment when I walked in but other then that seemed to give me no notice, the younger boy seemed to be startled and placed his right hand and over his left hand, which was already covering his privates.

"I'm going to tell mom!" the younger boy whined to the older.

"I'm going to tell mom you were acting like a little baby!" the older boy said to the younger and gave me another glance with a bit of a grin.

I did my best not to grin, I'm sure I was though, and went into the stall. I only had to go pee but I felt like giving the two of them some privacy and listen to what transpired.

"I'm not wearing a diaper!" the younger boy whined like a spoiled child who said they weren't going to go to there room, or weren't going to eat their greens. It was the demands of a child who knew their demands weren't going to be met.

"You're going to do what I tell you to do because mom said so," the older boy scoffed.

I began to empty my bladder and still attempt to listen to the two very interesting (IMO) boys.

"Mom's going to be angry with you," the younger boy said.

"You would go and cry to mommy like a little baby," the older boy said, "whoa, whoa, whoa! Mom's not here and when she gets home I'm going to tell her you were acting like a baby." The older boy said.

I left the stall and saw that the younger boy was no standing on the tile floor, his pants still around his ankles and his older brother holding an opened diaper in his hands and scowling at the younger boy. The two boys watched me as I went over to the sink to wash up, the older boy like I was walking on his turf and the younger seemed embarrassed, as I would be.

Even though he had just gave me a look like I was intruding, the older boy looked back down at the younger boy and continued as though I wasn't there. The younger boy, I saw in the mirror, was watching me until the older boy got his attention.

"Put your arms up," the older boy said.

I turned on the water and began to wash my hands.

"No," the younger boy replied.

"Put you're arm's up like this," the boy demonstrated and looked like a paratrooper falling out of a plain while holding a diaper.

"No," the younger boy replied again.

"Put your arms up or I'm going to have to lay you down on this floor," the older boy told the younger boy.

I continued to wash my hands although I'm sure they were more then clean by then, and watched in the mirror as the young boy looked down on the floor and seemed to consider his options.

"No," the young boy said, and almost as an after thought he became very firm and said, "I'm not wearing a diaper!"

"You are wearing a diaper because I say so and mom said you have to listen to me," The older boy said in an even more firm tone, "I'll tell mom you didn't listen to me and she'll ground you."

The younger boy seemed to consider this, but before he could think on it for long his older bother rushed in.

"Put your arms up or I'll call mom and ask her if I can spank you," the older boy's face showed he could and would. The younger boy then reluctantly raised his arms up in the air as the older boy had shown him earlier.

The older boy then threaded the diaper through the younger boy's legs and pulled it up to begin fastening it. The diaper was too small, though, and the older boy was having a hard time getting the tapes to stretch. The younger boy didn't notice the older boy's struggle and began to outright cry, his arms remaining in the air but sagging a bit lower now.

I then turned off the faucet and began absently looking for the paper towels, the older boy gave me a glance again and I could see in his face he was waiting for me to say something to him. The older boy fastened the second tape on the diaper around the young boy's hips and I'm sure he could tell as plainly as I that it would leak if the boy used it. Though I doubted it mattered.

I found the paper towels and began drying my hands and actually looked at the little crying boy as though considering, the older boy looked at me again and then to the younger boy said to stop crying like a baby or he'll buy him a bottle, too.

On my way out of the restroom I opened the door using the paper towel, tossed the paper towel into the trash when the door was wide enough open for me to slip out, and then before slipping out said, "You should try size 6's, they would fit better." and then slid out of the restroom.

I was ready to go shopping now but decided to lurk a ways away from the men's room to watch for the two boys to come out. I waited for quite a while. I can only imagine the two boys arguing more while I was lurking like a prowler by the Wal-Mart exits waiting to see when they exited the men's room.

Sure enough though, after a time the two boys emerged. The older practically dragging the younger. The younger was wearing pants over the diaper, if he still had the diaper on at all, so it was hard to tell. However the older boy led the younger, who stopped struggling after they were completely out of the men's room, over to the carts and put the younger boy into the fount of one of them.

I then began to stroll around and felt like a private detective as I followed the two boys through the store. Sure enough, as you may guess, the two boys made a beeline directly for the baby section of the store. I actually watched, and I believe without notice, as the older boy considered which package of diapers to buy and picked out a generic size 6 and tossed them into the cart where the obviously agitated seven year old sat with his arms folded and a frown on his face. The younger boy then threw the package of diapers out of the cart which looked a lot to me like a little baby throwing something.

The older boy then picked the diapers up and threw them back into the cart kind of harshly and said, "Do that again and I'll call mom."

The younger boy folded his arms again and said, "I'm telling mom when she gets home."

"You do and you're dead," The older boy said, "and besides, mom doesn't get home until tomorrow morning and you'll be in school by then." I was thinking it myself, and I saw the light go on over the older boy's face just before he said, "Now behave or you'll be lucky I don't make you wear one to school."

I then darted away and walked down a different aisle so as not to be noticed, and a moment later watched as the two boys got into a checkout line. The older boy seemed very happy and pleased with himself, the younger seemed very upset and well, not so pleased. The older boy made a comment I didn't quite catch about bedwetting (your guess is as good as mine), and the two boys left the store. I was tempted, but wasn't going to watch the boys get in their car. However, instead of heading for the exit the older boy rolled the cart over to the restrooms, picked up the package of diapers that he had just paid for, and told the younger boy to get out of the cart. The younger boy without any comment just began to bawl at the top of his lungs. Many people in the store-- cashiers, shoppers-- stopped to take notice of the two boys at this point. The older boy very loudly ordered the younger boy to stop crying like a baby and get out of the cart. At which point he began to yank the younger boy out of the cart by his left arm. The seven year old seeming like a bit of a handful didn't resist, but didn't help either so the older boy dropped the bag of diapers and pulled the younger boy out of the cart.

I was tempted to follow the boys back into the men's room but resisted the temptation as I would be noticed by them then and most certainly recognized. However, after some time waiting (yeah, I waited. Wouldn't you?), The two boys emerged, the older boy yanking the arms of the younger boy as though it were some game, the younger all red-faced and with tears on his cheeks quietly struggling to pull the older boy back into the men's room. The younger boy was not wearing any pants this time. A cashier noticed the boys, and I noticed her noticing them.

The cashier picked up one of those phone things and called for a manager. The older boy, I think, didn't notice (although I'm sure everyone in the store heard) the manager being called, because he continued struggling with younger boy and ordering him to quit fighting.

It seemed like time slowed to me, but it actually happened fairly quickly that the older boy with one big yank pulled the younger boy the rest of the way out of the men's room and out for everyone to see.

The younger boy fought his arms free of his older brother and unsuccessfully attempted to cover his diaper with his hands. The older boy snatched the left hand of the blond haired, diapered boy with his right hand and with the opened package of diapers in his left hand led the younger boy out of the store.

The manager arrived, went over to the cashier, and got a very interesting story. The manager then went out front at a jogging pace, I assume to try catching up with the two boys.